Cutting Pills - opinions please!

Hi, i decided to up meds by only 1mg so brought a pill cutter and today took 1st extra 1/2 tablet (i'm only currently taking 1 x 2mg tablet daily) I've since received a reply from my PD nurse who avises me not to do this as it will stop the slow release working and recommends going to 4mg, yet i'm stubbonly reluctant to do this! Has anyone had any experiences they can share? or received the same or different advice?

Many thanks


Your PD nurse is correct and this is confirmed by reading the leaflet that's says they shouldn't be cut up.


long acting pills work by having a special coating. If you cut them the coating no longer covers the tablet. In effect it is now short acting i guess. No long acting meds should be cut.
Hi , i agree that cutting pills possibly interferes with slow release, but has anyone experienced doing this and benefitted from a quick boost? if this is what suggests may happen?

There is a instant release version of requip which does come in smaller doses, speak to your PD Nurse, but i am better with the slow release version. I was on the other version but found parts of the day where the meds didn't work so my symptoms were worse.
Thanks Dexon & Hikoi, guess it's wait or take the plunge to 4mg !:frowning:

Don't be too disheartened 4mg is still a tiny daily dose
Consultant iterated me to 12 mg requip xl since diagnosis. Injanuary
reading previous posts this seems high
How do they decide this ?
Also last visit to chemists. New tablets not requip but Spiroco.
Does any one have experience of this med ?
pmac its a brand name, same drug