Has anyone read the article in the Mail on Sunday today

What article? can you elaborate?
I only buy the Mail once a week on Saturday: if it is something which can help can you tell us about it?


Natasha . Oh dear I have put the paper out for recycling .

It was on the health pages in the sunday magazine . They particularly spoke about ballet and they were holding classes which even older people found helpful .. They also mentioned tai chi prob spelt that wrong lol .. I suppose the thing in common might be the stretching ..

Hi Johnnie, Didnt read the article but I had heard tai chi helps pd, tis stretching and being aware of what yr body is doing, if balance is difficult what about pillates which is all done lying on the floor, I do it although h doesnt . But I also think that what is helpful about dance is the actual music. I read quite a lot from books by Oliver Sacks the neuro who developed use of levadopa and he advocates music to help people move who are frozen, it was music and touch.He said the music activates new neural pathways in the brain? sunray

Yes I agree I was talking to my husband this morning about it . He isnt ablt to walk very much these days but when we did I would get him to sing along with me QUIETLY didn't want anyone to ring the funny farm . We would then walk as briskly as possible to songs such as the GRAND OLD DUKE OF YORK ETC .

Also on occasions he gets sad or withdrawn I sing abnd get him to join in , it always works he soon bucks up . And so do I then lol

He has quite a ,expect i have spel that wrong but its close enough lol. which he sings every morning it helps his speech , swallow and voice power . .

Dancing has been mentioned a few times before, and the coordinating of left and right handed movements in time to music helps to address the one sided aspect of PD. Extending and stretching the limbs improves circulation, and rotating the torso helps to reduce any stiffening of the back muscles and any subsequent pressure upon the central nerve and its branches.

Stretching to decompress the spine every evening in a gentle relaxing exercise before a bath has brought me many benefits too; As this helps the vertebra discs to rehydrate and rejuvenate, maintaining the maximum surface area of the blood brain barrier, while reducing any squeezing upon the nerve branches that has occurred during daytime posture and activity.

Do I need to learn how to walk first before I dance.

I did a lovely pirouette before I landed on my bot and to add insult to injury the trolley fell on me.

I'm sure I'll look back and laugh, just not now.

I've started falling while just standing against a counter.

For the first time I am really frightened at this latest development. I hsd an episode of repeated falling,, no sooner was I up I was down. In the forty yards to my home I must have fell about 40 times.

Well enough of my whinging I'm going to get my wii and my cod-piece and start dancing.

sorry do hear about the deterioration of your condition.

but i find a white pudding piece impresses more than a cod piece.

ps always let it cool down first

I am so sorry Eck

having trouble putting this the right way - please let us know how you are doing when you have the time.

The same thing is happening to my husband , even when he is standing for me to help him dress . He says it an awful feeling of being pulled backwards he cannot keep himself up .