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Hello Parkinson's folks.

I've had an appointment this week to assess my baseline condition prior to DBS surgery. 

If you would like to read my blog about my experiences so far the address is


Thanks for looking


Enjoyed reading your Blog.

Hi Twinks. Glad you liked it.

Hi Mrtoad,

have you undergone the psychological assessment yet I found it very interesting. I had DBS in March 2015 but it was mainly for my Dystonia of which I was having episodes every day without fail. 

Anyhow the Dystonia has gone completely right from the operation before having the stimulator turned on. Because of the Dystonia I had my operation under general anaesthetic and the operation in one go instead of the usual two I am so pleased I had it done, to be rid of the very painful Dystonia was a big relief indeed, wherever you are at now I hope all goes well.


Hi Mally

Glad to hear your DBS has had such positive effects. I haven't had my psychological profiling yet. Apparently the registrar I saw who should have referred me for it was Italian and had returned to Italy without completing my referral!

My original consultant is now on top of this so hopefully it should happen very soon. Thank you for your good wishes and I hope your positive outcome continues.


Hi folks

My latest blog on www.debversusparkinsons.wordpress.com has just been posted. I hope some of you will take a look.