Decision making defect

Hello .
I don't have PD , i am a man with post traumatic stress dissorder - PTSD.
This thing can produce cognetive defects , like PD.
first of all i am crossing my fingers for all of you who has PD - and i am hoping you willl find relief with DBS , new drugs or some kind of new therapy .

my actually question is if someone have or had this defect.
i mean , you cannot decide between alternative actions - both on cognetive and motoric level . it is like you just cant decide and you hesitate , or you start an action (motor) and suddenly canceling it , and you have to say to yourself cognetivly what to do, in order to perform actions
- if you have this you know what i mean .
if you do know what am i talking about , does some medication helped with that ? ldopa ? or any other dopaminic therapy ?

best wishes.
Hello Ikop. I don't have PD, my hubby does. I am however head injured and as a consequence do suffer cognitive impairments.
There are similarities between o/h's symptoms and my own, but his cognitive dysfunctions are said to be those of PD/dementia and at present I am mentally the stronger of us two.
Thus far, o/h's drugs (L dopa) for the PD have not helped because they interfere with the dementia i.e hallucinations and obsessiveness, but which can happen I believe as a side effect without dementia. However o/h's PD nurse recently gave us hope in that she mentioned that other drugs will be introduced and hopefully will help. I hope that goes some way to answering your question.
Drugs do NOT help me
Have just realised that I didn't answer that question well at all. In my experience if cognition fails, motor skills fail at the same time. In my case I suspect that is more to do with fatigue than anything else.
However, when my husband 'freezes' for example I don't know if a cognitive response is what triggers the motor skills again. He can't answer that for me.
Better if someone else with PD answers that!