Dementia, hallucinations, confusion

@mscoachbeth I’m delighted to hear the appointment went so well!

My Dad was put on the Rivastigmine patch in November. I questioned if it was safe for him to be put on it as it shouldn’t be given to anyone with a heart rate lower than 60, my dad’s heart rate is 54 normally and he suffers from atrial fibrillation too. They assured me it would be fine.

I was taking him to A&E on average twice a week, then we hit crisis point with 6 falls in a week. The patch was causing his blood pressure to drop dangerously low, causing him to get light headed and fall.

They’ve taken him off the patch now.

Hopefully your husband will do well on it, but please keep an eye on his balance, just in case. X

thanks… that is good to know for sure! It’s so hard with these meds… they try one thing and it works for x symptom but then it causes Y to happen…

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