i was toldi am on the verge of a major depression. i feel vey alone and hopeless. a bit drowning. can i turn it around? with out medicen ? how should i tackle it ? any advice

not really much of a reply but, if you haven't seen it, this document seems to be quite good

GOOD MORNING DELIGHT ...what a beautiful name you have chosen . Depression seems to hang over most of us at some part of this journey ...the thing is to not be frightened by its appearance but to face it head on as just another symptom of this troubling P.D. some folk are able to get through it with counselling and friens support ...others need meds to change the chemical inbalance back to normal .
WHATEVER , please know you are NOT alone especially om this forum ..there are amazing people on here who will listen and chat if you wish .
for now ..all the best ...shaky hugs ...yodapark.

Morning Delight
Sorry to hear your depressed, I can understand you wanting to avoid taking meds
I was the same but they helped me,and now only have one pill a day. I agree with yodapark counseling
and friends who will listen are invaluable.
All the best Adrian

thank u everyone. i am scared. my husband is helping thats all. my friends left me and my family have high expectations and mostly r the reason why i my depression got worse. idid tell a friend but she was not interested. i am rying to fill my days up with something but onlu come alive when my kids and hubby r home. how do i gt over it

My dear delight,
I am so sorry to hear that you are depressed. It is a recognised medical condition and not to be taken lightly. I suggest that you talk to your GP. Friends do seem to beat a hasty retreat, as if they think it might be catching! But I suspect it is more that they have not a clue how to help. A nutritious diet, fresh air, exercise, doing things you enjoy are all recommended. For more troublesome depression counselling and possibly medication may help. But above all, do not feel guilty about it.
I wish you more joyful or at least peaceful days ahead

Hi Delight. I'm so sorry you are feeling down and alone, PwP do often feel this way at some time or another (I certainly have) but with the support of your husband and children you will come through it. You say that you are trying do without meds but sometimes they are a help. Migh be worth speaking to your GP.

If you come on to the forum day or night there is usually someone around to chat with. There is an amazing wealth of experience amongst all that contribute and they are always willing to support and answer any questions you may have. Just join in whenever you feel like it you will be warmly welcomed.

Please don't feel alone, we are all here if you need us.

Take care

one thing you might want to do is to review your current meds (if any) to make sure they aren't causing the depression. many have depression as a side effect.

:rolling_eyes:thank u everyone or being so kind. thank u

Hi Delight
As Turnip said - reivew your meds. Like you I hate taking more meds than necesssary. I was taking Madopar to kick start my body in the mornings and then Sinemet through the rest of the day. My mood improved with Sinemet so I decidded to stop the Madopar and the depression lifted a bit - along with Amytriptilene and Citalopram both in low doses I can now leave the house and enjoy my days again. Don't be afraid of anti-depressants - take the lowest dose which helps you. Life is too short to be afraid and if one small pill can make the difference between tears or smiles then I know , now, which one I shall choose.