Diagnosed at 41


Im new to the website and the subject of parkinsons.

Looking for contacts in the same position as me.

Until the end of last season i was fit,active and playing rugby.
In the last few months work colleages had commented on resticted movement with my left arm (which was getting progressivly worse)
I visited the doctor suspecting a trapped nerv, after various tests diagnosed with parkinsons.

At the age of 41 is was a bit of a shock.
I work in a full time pressured job, with active family life (2x boys aged 5&9). Living in the north west

The doctors are good, but it always help talking to people in the same position.


Hello Tome,

My husband was diagnosed at 39 years although we had noticed that something wasn't quite right for several years before, my husband wouldn't go to the doctors and it was only after some scouts mentioned his funny walk while on a camping trip that he went and we were shocked to hear he had PD. I was already disabled with a chronic back condition and our son was just 10. You worry how you will manage, how long you can work, what about the mortgage and all the usual things, but somehow you do and the years go by.
I would say that your best bet is to talk to the local Parkinson's Information Support Worker as they can give you all sorts of information and advice including work related issues.
You will also find plenty of support and info in the forum from others going through the same situation.
I wish you all the best
ps My husband is 69 years old now and still going although now in a nursing home.

Although a bit older than you I was diagnosed when still very active at 52; swimming a mile regularly, a blackbelt at karate, running my own business, playing in a band, riding a motorbike etc etc.
It's a dreadful blow. however 6 years on I find life is not as restricted as I feared and life in the bus lane is not necessarily less rewarding than in the fast lane. I still do lots and am still economically independent. the bike's gone but i treated myself to a lovely automatic car. this week my Dad (who has pd too) and I am off on a jaunt to London (120 miles each way and an overnight stop) and to be honest if we didn't have pd we might not have spent that time together.....
you cant look on the bright side at first but eventually the light at the end of the tunnel looks less like an oncoming train!
Best wishes on your journey

Hi Tom

I was DX'd (diagnosed) in May this year at 45 years. I also work full time and I noticed that my performance at work has deteriorated. I also have young children (1 daughter and 2 x boys).
As Vivien has stated, I would also recommend that you also get some support such as joining your local support group, there may be a Working Age Group (WAG) in your area - I certainly have received valued support from my WAG (Medway in Kent).



Hi tome since you've been dx you may feel worse.this is due stress.stress is the worse enemy of parkinson.but goods news on the news tonight stem cell treatment to cure pd will be available in 6 years.till then look on every day as a bonus I've bought a static van at the seaside plus today I've bought a jaccuzzi to help massage the muscles.live for today.you could be worse you could have bells palsey as well like me.
All the best

Thanks everyone for your assistant / support.

Being diagnosed was a shock (only to be expected)
I currently have lack of movement in left arm with a slight limp in left leg (no tremmor at present).
Im taking medopar 3x per day.
I know its a hard question, but what should i expect next?

Staying positive


The initial shock is hard to deal with. I'm 38 and have a 5 year old daughter. My family are supportive and have helped me to come to terms with it. I was diagnosed in August this year and already feel better about my situation. From what I have read it's hard to say what's next. Everyone's different. Just listen to your body and voice any changes with your GP and/or neurologist. I know it's hard but try to think positive. Share your concerns however works for you. :grin: