Diet and Appetite

After 15+ years of PD and PD meds I know that, second only to sustained and restful sleep, the food I eat - and when I eat it - has the most effect on my symptoms over the ensuing hours.

I have found the following aspects of diet most important:

o Eat a small amount of non-dairy food, with a little water/squash/juice, immediately before taking each round of medication

o Do not eat large meals after 6pm (5 hrs before my bedtime) otherwise Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) will likely follow for most of the night. Same goes for booze.

o If insomnia strikes (most nights, in my case - I wake around 3am and can't relax again that night) eating an ice lolly or ice cream can often send me back off again (really!!)

o Fruit and veg are vitally important to ensure regularity and avoid the pain and misery of constipation, as is plenty of water, tea and squash

o A couple of beers or glasses of plonk do a lot to revive me (!!)

o Lost appetite and diminished sense of taste may be helped a little with zinc tablets

Does anyone else have any dietary recommendations for PD-ers?? And if you find some of the above tips work for you, please let me know.

XX wobla

PS all my meds are listed in the Welcome section of the forum, under "New Man to the Forum..." if you want to refer to them