Alas our bungalow wouldn’t sell for that price…I have 2 agents coming round this week so we can get an idea of what we will be able to spend…days like today though, when is sunny and warm, I sit in my lovely garden with the scent of the wisteria and really don’t want to move at all, definitely between a rock and a hard place at the moment

Hi Troubled Wife not sure where you live but do take a look at Anchor I was very surprised by them, They have an excellent web site with being independent living, you can do almost any thing you like eg decorate, put in a new kit and shower if you wanted to. but you do have to get permission, we also have pull cords so if ever you need help its there, We do have a manger but she only comes to see all of us once a week, but again if you need her she is there. Do take a look at there web site if you would like any more info just send message. the reason ask where you live Anchor has property all over the UK,

I will take a look, thank you

Don’t forget that tax is payable on all interest over £1000 per person.