Do any of you have these?

I read it someplace but don't know where.  But if my demented mind recalls rightly, PD can affect breathing.  Has any of you experienced this?  I passed breathing tests, don't know how they could say that!

Also  does nose run like a faucet?  Too much like saliva we choke on?

Do any of you find sundowner worse in dark of moon?  I do.  Is there an actual med for sundowners?

How is it that I walked across the street fine without using my cane, but 5 minutes before in church walking between a group I shook so badly that my cane is useless,I needed an arm of help too?  If anyone saw me, and I'm sure they did, they would swear I was just wanting attention!

Thank you, I'll stop this and hope to hear your answers. 



The first couple of months after diagnosis, I experienced myriad symptoms of PD (never with breathing), but the drugs (mirapex & amantadine) seem to have banished those.  Among those symptoms were difficulty swallowing, excess saliva, a too wet nose, and the occasional momentary, but interesting, hallucination - now all in the past.

I think many (most) of us get a little stressed when in public and that stress brings on the symptoms.  We are certain everybody is looking and wondering.  Truth is, they probably have no interest in us at all, but you get a little stressed, symptoms appear, that stresses you more and so on and so on.  The resolution to this problem is to avoid stress or don't let stress get you down. The former is relatively easy.   I am still working on the latter.

As for sundowners - I am afraid I have no clue.

I just came online to ask the same questions about breathing. I've been having the sensation that I can't open up my chest to let the air in, happens quite often, especially in the mornings. But at the same time I am still pretty fit and active, running and working out most days with no breathing problems. My doctor thinks it is a type of panic attack but I think it is more likely either muscular contractions caused by PD or a side effect of the medication. The doctors don't seem to take it very seriously but it really scares me. I also get a feeling like the top of my throat is closing in, very weird. Anyone else getting this or got any tips for dealing?

wpgchap  thanks for your reply.  I'm sure you are correct.  Hope you are having a good day and feeling better.  All this "working" on not being stressful can be quite stressful! 

jjbxl  I asked the computer if breathing difficulties went with Parkinsons and got an assurance that it does.  Try it.  I would give you the websites but I can't remember where i wrote them down or saved them!  Such is this dementia!

I was hospitalised in 2008 for breathing difficulties, they thought it may be my heart.  I even passed the breathing test!! It turned out okay,eventually.  At that time my PD had not been dx'd although I told my GP that i knew i had it since 97=he laughed at me.  Few months after the 08 thingy he admitted that i had it.  I am  not on any PD med nor have I ever been.  But I have tried 3 meds for the Sundowners since mid Nov.  Am wondering if it has affected my PD.  Sure I've been under stress, but in 68 years I've had enough stress that i would have died by now, from shortness of breath if that was the cause!!  I think mine is PD.  I have a long enough list of symptoms.

My symptoms are similair to yours.  I think the breathing more shallow all night, makes it easier not to breathe deeply when I awaken.  I have no need to speak to anyone until hubby gets up 5 or so hours later.  I get up at 4 am a habit that I enjoy.  Of course yours has signs of panic attack, friends do what you say.  Just don't know.  The closest thing I have had to a panic attack was a SEVERE sundowner spell and i was not short of breath! 

This PD is a mystery to us who have it, how can a doc understand it when we all have different symptoms that don't seem to pertain to PD?  Jaffy