Do I qualify for the 4AM club?

Get your point, but it’s a stand off in many respects. My regime is focused on my working day, 4x 10 hour shifts. Net result is I can still complete them, awake and functioning. Downside is the timing means 3am club.

We tried altering times and dosages, woke up at 6 am… great… fell asleep 6pm … not so great, travel home time!!lol

Was still using public transport then, missed stop more than once

Starting to make use of the early hours, play an online game, changed name to Parkinsons Warrior, going to set up my own clan with similar name to raise awarensss. Tag PD0

Message me if you are interested in joining me, and we can hit them 3am… while they sleep…oh the irony of that statement

Add me to the list , i have been known to be grouting paving slabs at 4am . My biggest problem with sleep patterns and timing of meds for that matter is the fact i work a shift pattern of 12hour days and 12 hour nights , try timing your meds and sleep around that !! I do agree with some other people who have said you have to accept it and not get too uptight about it . I stand to be corrected but i suspect the sleep issue must be much more easily balanced when your retired and your not dictated by the work clock , until then its a matter of dealing with it the best you can to suit your own particular set of circumstances i suppose.

I wouldn’t say it was more easily balanced but for me it is certainly easier to manage since I stopped work and as you said, not governed by a work clock. Again I think it helps not to worry about it too much but the other thing that helps me is that I live alone (which has other challenges) so do not have to think about disturbing others in the house. As an aside it is easy to blame everything on the PD but sleep patterns do change as one gets older and as I have said above, at 61 that might well be a contributory factor if not the main cause in my case. Either way it doesn’t really matter, if you are awake at silly o’clock, you’re awake.

Yeah I do understand, it’s just bit info for everyone who suffers from the lack sleeping. I have been on sleeping tablets for 8yrs without them exhausted. All the best

Anyone awake now ?

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Hi, its 04:21 so a little late for the 4am club. but hopefully i can still join lol

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Here I am again …around the 3 am mark . Not good but will read a while and drink red bush and hopefully get a few more hours in till I have to get up and do the necessary . Greetings to anyone else who is awake !

Morning, just wrote a blues track in creative corner dedicated to our club