Doctors' Budgets


It really makes my blood boil when doctors reprimand patients for needing expensive drugs, as though they'd deliberately chosen THAT illness just to mess up the doctor's budget.

Doctors' financial pressures are THEIRS, not ours. We've got enough of our own, thanks.

If the NHS is a poor price negotiators with the multi-trillion-dollar pharmaceutical giants, why is that our fault?

I saw my nuero yesterday and was given some bad news.

I have been badly effected by dykensia and dystonia for about 6-9 months and my neuro has tried tweeking my meds without success. Now my arm and leg are dreadfully painful and feel as if they are constantly in muscle cramp, so during my last appointment with my PD nurse which was about 6 weeks ago, I asked if it was possible for me to have a 'botox' injection into the effected sites to help alleviate the pain. She told me that she would try to set this up and advised me that my only option left was to try the Apomorphine pen, but she said she would need to request 'shared care' with my GP.

I attended yesterdays appointment expecting to be given a date for my Apomorphine Challange and 'botox' injection. To my shock and horror I was told that my GP had refused to cooperate with the shared care so the Apomorphine pen would not be made available to me and....wait for this..... I can't have a 'botox' injection because no hospital in the region will provide it for other than cosmetic reasons. UNBELIEVABLE...

I am now looking at discussing the issues with my local MP. I am appalled that at this late stage in PD I am being refused the only drug that might help me. God help us all if GP's get to manage all of the budgets. We may all be cast aside!!

Has anybody else had a similar experience and if so what steps did you take?

Glenchass I can see the smoke raising from you over here and sure it's no wonder.....TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE...

You should most deffinately approach your local MP and maybe the local press as well.

Keep your chin up, there MUST be someone, somewhere that will listen to you.

Lots of love

Radz xx