Documentry out of the USA

This is a doco out of the USA. I found informative so I thought I would share

I hope everyone has happy and safe new year :smile::smile:
hi Charley

happy new year and thank you for info, will watch tomorrow with hubby.
gosh sounds like watch with mother.
thank you and welcome to forum
I hope you enjoy it, its about 25 minutes long

Thanks for the welcome been a member here for about a year.

I think Im the only kiwi memeber
Hi Charley
Can you post a note in Meet and Greet, under forum profiles?? Would like to know more about you. We are hoping to visit NZ in next few years. My stepson is planning to marry in OZ and we are hoping to combine visiting the two.
Will take a look at the documentary
hi charley

i noticed after i posted your a long time member,should have said welcome back. funnily enough i had watched the clip before, i think its quite interesting to newbies as i had never seen anyone other than hubby with symptoms.quite informitive without being scared.
they also show part of pds being there dvd.
my ex boss visited new zealand last year she has relatives in oz beautiful photo's
thanx again for link
Here's a detailed stage by stage "patient's eye" description of PD by a medical doctor. It's a bit out of date as he mentions Chris Reeve in the present tense but the stages of depression etc are all too familiar. His descriptions of how he perked himself up are good too. It's not too long and there's a book you can buy if you want the full text.
There are other candid stories on the site that aren't so uplifting.