Does anybody else self medicate


         I have severed all Neuro ties now.Past visits have been my personal wind up of them.A chase,so to speak.They only seek to control.I have no faith in them,for good reason..I know my own body.I put in it what i know and feel i need.I basically self medicate.Neuros are playing a guessing game,Their prescription is but a starting block,then stumble through subduing us.This based on sporadic 10 minute(rushed)appointments.

         Don't suffer,the meds prescribed are just their guess,you hold the answers

                Good luck

                      Take care


                                              P.S Don't listen to the DA mercenaries

                                                  I'm still on them and am as good as diagnosed 2009

                                                      Keep the faith


You have a right to determine the way you treat your condition, Titan, but it is dangerous to warn others to follow your path.

People like me who seek to warn others of the very real dangers of DAs have only their well-being at heart.

The evidence that DAs can cause disastrous OCDs which ruin lives is overwhelming.

No one who reads your posts would could miss that you are very troubled and struggling with psychological difficulties.

Neuros may be a mixed bunch but most are trying to do their best for their patients not control them.

As always I wish you well but your advice is dangerous.