Does anyone have experience of Lasting Power of Attorney or an Advance Decision?


I suffer with Parkinson’s do my wife and I decided to look into Power of Attorney, as we weren’t sure how I may end up, and one thing that spurred us on was not wanting to lose our house to cover the cost of providing residential care to the local council.
We contacted a local solicitor that specialises in this type of legal process it cost around £15000, but we considered it money well spent to protect our assets, it was very straight forward as well.
Would recommend doing it, but shop around


Was it really £15000 or is that a 0 too many by mistake? If it was that much, that is extortionate & I would ask them to justify the fees and/or complain to the Solicitors Regulation Body. Many solicitors do it for considerably less than £1000.


Thank you. I know if would be a good thing to do. Thank you for taking the time to write so eloquently. Partly, I just have no idea on what kind of thing you can include in an Advance decision when you have Parkinsons and what kind of options you still have to choose from, in different scenarios.


AgeUK or ageCYMRU in my case are a wonderful organisation and have provided us with so much advice. I didn’t even realise my father could get support or that there was online advice for POA. You don’t know what you don’t know!


If you go to the website ‘Compassion in dying’ you can download a form and some notes to help you understand how it all works…Very helpful.
If you would like any more help form someone who has done this, I am happy to share my experiences…I think it is a really valuable document to have, and in my volunteer work for PUK that I now do, I always bring up the value of this document and that health professionals should be asking if they exist and supporting family members to support their relative with PD using the words in the Advance Decision.
I found it so helpful, knowing that some of the difficult decisions I was making were me voicing what my mother could not say for herself - but had shared with me when she could.

Difficult to write but such a support. I think my Mum felt at peace once it was written as some of her worries had been talked about and she knew she had a way to share her thoughts as PD progressed.


Brilliant. Thank you. That is really helpful. I will look it up. I really appreciate it. Everything you have said makes sense. I am sure my mum would feel the same. I know I would.