Does my husband have Pd?

My hubby was diagnosed 2 yrsago. We went to a neurologist as he had no smell and strange gait with little arm swing. Forward wind to now - he’s been on pramipexole and had no improvements and when he went up a dose he was really ill an started hallucinating. Now dr has put him on low level madopar. He’s come home tonight saying he feels shaky , sick , weak and generally unwell. I’ve read that if you don’t respond well to Pd meds you might not have it. He’s been on it for 10 days.

Other symptoms include urinary urgency , mild cognitive changes eg finds it harder to prioritize , takes longer to finish jobs etc. he’s 56 and working full time.

Any thoughts anyone pls??

Hi @britabroad,

In this instance we’d recommend you go back to the specialist about these changes. They are best placed to give medical advice and also to assess whether your husband may be experiencing these symptoms due to something unrelated to Parkinson’s or the medication change.

You can discuss this with a Parkinson’s nurse in the meantime by calling us on 0808 800 0303.