Does parkinsons medication clash with other drugs


thanks i will call the office. i am keen to look at the options available to me. currently taking 31 tablets per day at the same time last year it was 21
over the last few months i have lost 6 kilo in weight , my sugar has gone down from 9 to 6.5 and my blood pressure is on average 125/85
i feel that it is the right time now i just need some advice



Hi @John_the_baron,

Yes, I definitely think you should speak to someone as soon as you can.

All the best,



i have spoken to parkinsons uk requesting advice about reducing my tablets. She explained how each tablet worked and advised me to be careful and to monitor any changes
based on my telephone call i will be gradually reduce my tablets
thanks to parkinsons uk easy to talk to and very informative



Brilliant, I’m happy you were able to get more clarity on this and you’re more than welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi I am new to the forum . I’ve just read this conversation and would like to pass on 2 links which have useful information on drug interaction, both from parkinsons australia website


hope they are of some help


thanks for the information i will download the pdf and if i find any i will put it on the blog



Hi John l am new to PD being diagnosed in july 2017. Like you I was very active and spent 22 years in the Royal navy. My illness are PD , arthritis. Pacemaker with AF.(irregular heart beat) and the latest is hearing aids and slight memory loss . I am on 22 tablet a day. I wonder if some of them cancel each other out more


its a difficult subject to tackle. i have been on the internet and search for medicines that conflict, i have seen my local GP and my parkinsons nurse all giving me different views and opinions. i was totally confused as you can see from my previous emails
until i spoke to the parkinsons uk medication advice nurse who explained what each parkinsons tablet did for me and the additional medication i was taking.
I think she put me at ease and my condition has improved over the last few days. i am more positive and will not give in. i am now looking to improve my fitness with my yoga teacher who comes in twice a week and has included walking as part of my exercise plan
Having parkinsons can destroy your motivation if i am being honest i have been lazy and miserable. Tablets will never cure the disease but a change in lifestyle will help. When i was in my 20 - 50 years old i was fit and healthy WHY ?
because i was exercising and confident about myself


Anxiety and stress induced sugar cravings and poor eating habits so a vicious circle on diet. Diet I found after a few turbulent years is a massive balance for better health living with Pk.



thanks i will take your advice. Over the last 2 weeks i have increased my social and exercise activities with a slight amendment to my tablets My headache has gone and my energy levels have have improved

So this is the right time to sort out my weight. Its not a problem just a challenge



Well done John, hope it’s going well for you, j