Don't sure it's PDj

Hi I’m essie,don’t know if any one can help,I’m new here.For a month i have been having twitching in my left eyelids(both eyelids)
Then the last two weeks the twitching spread to my cheek,chin,hands fingers and legs(mostly legs to bottom of feet) with jerking in toes and hands fingers.I so worried this is the first sign of PD

Hi Essie, Parkinsons takes many forms but until you can get to see a Neurologist who can diagnose you properly I would think along other lines. Go and see your GP as and when you can which may be a while away in view of the Corona Virus situation.


Hi @essie,

I agree with @cruisecontroller’s advice, Parkinson’s affects everyone differently so the best thing you can do is to consult with your GP about this. Following this, your GP will refer you to a Parkinson’s specialist doctor who will be able to do some simple tests to find out if you have Parkinson’s. We have a lot of helpful information on our website which you can find here:

If you need to speak to someone about this in more detail, you can also give our confidential helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps with your query.

Best wishes,

Thanks Les and Reah for you advise.
I’m so stress and my whole body feel nervous,I’ve done telephone call with my Gp who said it’s anxiety and I’ve seen a doctor at the hospital who said it may be the benign brain tumor resting on a nerve,and they won’t do any mri because i already have one in December what was ok.
But I’m still worried that the are not right,but i can’t anything now until after this corona,so thank you both again

You’re welcome Essie, should you have anymore concerns don’t hesitate to ask but in the meantime, stay safe.