Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders



It's all gone rather dark, this'll cheer us up.

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Hi Ray, I attended a very interesting "Young Persons event" on Parkinson's at the weekend in Inverness. Tilo Kunath, a research scientist on Parkinson's at Edinburgh University, gave a very interesting talk on the latest advances in extracting cells from pwp instead of embryos, and how they are now sending these to labs all over the world for much needed experimentation. He feels this will now speed everything up, as they have, for the first time, got the proper starting point for their experiments. He also explained some new findings about prion-like activity in the brains of pwp, which was new to me. Anyway, I'm rambling off the point now. What I wanted to ask you, is where can you point me to to get the current figure of 24% of people taking DAs go on to get OCD. Our very dedicated and sweet Parkinson nurse gave a very informative talk at the event, but she constantly referred to the fact that 14% -18% of people go on to get OCD. I would like to point her to the new statistics when I next see her.
Thanks, Carole. ( I hope this is the proper thread for this post. It's a bit off the current subject.)


I just wanted to say an asteriod did actually land in Ireland last week and X is off Da's.

I met him last night and he really is only on azilect - and his parkinson symptoms havn't changed that much (the only new symptom is that he can't close one of his hands as tightly as before)- which as far as I can see begs the question as to why he was on da's in the first place. Also sadly the debt has not disappeared with the drug!

Although this probably does mean that when this drug has run it's course they will probably put him back on da's again? Only time will tell this one.

I'm not saying everything is perfect or that we'll get back together - but it was nice to see him how he is.

They're looking for the asteroid - maybe if they find it the flintstones might like to use it in their new film.


Glad to hear it Amy.

Following so quickly on from butterfly19553 I'm feeling very positive today.

Sugar and spice and all that's nice Batman. I've put this in the wrong area. Should have been "Thought for the day".

Maybe that asteroid landed on his neurologist and knocked some sense into them.

You know Eck you could be onto something there I think the asteroid did land in that part of the country :grin:

Hi Butterfly
As Ray is suspended I thought I'd send you the info.
Put "mayo clinic latest research on dopamine agonists and OCDs" into google and you get the article from March this year. It says 22% develop new OCds and 1 in 3 on higher doses...It gives more horrifying findings than any I have read before. Sorry, I don't know how to send the link.

Think I've managed to post the link!Try this Butterfly.

and this!

Thank you very much Goldengirl, that was good of you. I didn't know Ray had been suspended! I shall look up those links now. Kind regards, Carole.

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The 1 in 3 who experienced OCD side effects while taking high dosages of DA's, referred to from the Mayo clinic report? Is even more concerning, because the phrase "high dosage" is mis-leading when in fact its just another word used for the drug companies recommended daily therapeutic dosage.

Many people would not consider the risks while taking dosages at the recommended therapeutic level? When it fact the Mayo study has shown that 1 in 3 (36%) of people on therapeutic dosages developed pathological behaviours in the areas of gambling and hypersexuality. Another important point, there is a big difference between compulsive and pathological behaviour!

What the 2011 Mayo clinic report is actually highlighting is that 1 in 3 people who take DA's at the daily therapeutic level will develop potentially life damaging pathological side effects! I remember saying on this forum more than 2 years ago when research from 2008 put the number affected at 14%, that i believed the true extent of pwp who experienced pathological side effects from DA's was more like 1 in 3. Now as we learn more and more about DA's i am upping my estimate to 1 in 2 (50%). Why because i think the gap between 36% and 50% is the people who suffer from pathological side effects but are still in denial!

So my forecast for the next couple of years is, numbers affected will be revised upwards to 50% (1 in 2). By the way did i mention i was once in charge of supply chain forecasting for the second largest non food retailer in the world. And in the 10 years i was there never once got a forecast wrong!

On a separate note goldengirl, why has ROS been suspended?


"The reasons given were for calling a couple of people scumbags,... (scumbags is a legitimate English word, and in the OED), and ticking Eck off for talking about ******, of which I'll mention no more.

See you on 3rd October!"

I hope Ray doesn't mind my giving the information.

Sorry, I have to defend myself

I wasn't talking about it.

Posted - 01 Sep 2011 01:55 -this topic page 44.

And what followed wasn't a ticking off.

I think it's his desire to feel in the position of handing out ticking off's that's the problem.

What followed can be gleaned from the closing sentence before giving me his regards.

Before any editing by mods I made an attempt to defuse things with a posting on the 03 September. This blew up in my face and led to more postings which have been deleted.

So as you can see I wasn't talking about anything. Indeed I was full of praise and sticking up for him.

All I asked for was for offending lines to be removed. I did not seek to see him banned. I don't believe in banning. I don't know what was said between ray and the mods and I don't know who he was calling a scumbag and I don't know why.

hi ECK

I also don't believe in this policy of banning people or putting them on the "suspension" naughty step! This is not a school playground its an adult forum used by adults with parkinson's disease. Furthermore there are subject matters like this one, which are bound to raise passions and evoke strong feelings?

I don't always agree with ROS Delivery, in terms of how he can come across sometimes. However recently i feel he is being singled out unfairly. I'm not aware of where the word "scumbag" was used or indeed the context of how it was used! This is because moderators edit or remove posts in such a random way.

The defension of scumbag, is to refer to someone as being a mean and despicable person. Whilst i don't defend ROS if indeed he has referred to someone as a scumbag. It does however sit uneasy with me that Ray is being banned from using the forum for this. I can recall Ray being referred to as, Ignorant, rude, delusional, a bully and a protagonist by some forum members on more than one occasion! I am not aware of any of those members being given bans?


Here here, Blueyes47, I fully agree with you regarding Ray's suspension. I too am feeling uneasy about a number of things on the forum recently. I also feel that Ray is being singled out, by moderators and certain forum members, who do appear to follow him around somewhat just waiting for an opportunity to cause issues. I really do not feel that by using the word scumbag is conducive to suspension.

I would appeal to the moderators to re think this decision or at the very least reduce the 'sentence'?


In the man of the wee man, what has gone on here? I take a few days off and come back to an empty forum and ROS has been sent to Purgatory.

A process of purification or temporary punishment and for what I ask you? Using a word that is commonly used by kids in the play ground. It beggers belief, I am shocked and stunned that a person who is a font of much knowledge on the topic being discussed and more so a ... nice man who HELPS, yes HELPS people like myself who are searching for reasons as to why someone they love has turned into a person you no longer recognise.

It is not nice to be hounded from anything, I felt the wrath of some members a couple of months ago and believe me it is not nice.

I am with you ladies on this one, I do not feel that by using the word scumbag is conducive to suspension.I would also appeal to the moderators to re think this decision


Note I am not the scumbag. I had my sensibilities offended. I had a tirade ready to post, I previewed it and reckoned it would just get deleted. So I decided to be sensible (for once) and ask the mod to tidy things up and left it at that.

I hope the mods lift the ban. Had it been tidied up as I requested, we could have left it there. Now its a big mystery with me to blame.

Banning isn't the answer, as we can see, its caused a whole lot of hoo ha about not much. I just don't like having my sensibilities offended in public.

I would like the ban lifted now, no harm done, nothing to see here people. Lets get this post and the who why and wherefors deleted of the face of the forum and get on with the topic, with Ray.

Aren't we all getting just a little bit tired of all this?
Either we are grown-ups using a forum we respect and need or else we are to be treated like kids.

Perhaps the moderators are becoming a wee bitty power crazy. I thought that the forum was for our benefit. I am perfectly convinced that we are capable of self-regulating, surely.


If I may, I should like to ask a Q. Does stopping DA medication cause immediate cessation of OCD behavioutr? (in my case internet shopping) And why is my neuro so keen for me to continue taking requip, albeit at a reduced dosage? I'm sure I read somewhere that requip is a far more expensive drug than sinemet.It just does not make any sense (to me)