Dopavite supplement - Does it help?

Hi all,

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Can I ask a simple question? Do most folk set alarms for that first dose in the morning. I take the morning one at about 8am but if I work a late shift the night before I need a longer sleep. Does it cause too many problems taking it a bit later. Not really sure with madopar how strict you need to be.

sorry if it's a silly question but any help would be appreciated iated

 thank you


i always take my meds on time as if i change morning one say 8am to 9am ,i have to take the rest of meds a hour later.  gus

I am a firm believer in do what works for you...just experiment!

That has been our Neuros advice since the big change from DAs to Sinemet.

My husband sets the alarm for 30 mins before he needs to get up and takes a Dispersible Madopar, then his Sinemet about 15 mins later with a big glass of water each time.

He can then move well and get up after about 15 mins of sitting up to raise his blood pressure.

Then it's every 2 hours prompted by his timer for the rest of the day.

Most days the times are the same but when on holiday or staying with relatives we make a few changes.

Can you try a few ways and see what works well for you?



Hi gg and gus,

Thanks for your replies. Looking back it prob sounded rather a daft question. Like you said, maybe I just need to experiment and see what's best.  Sometimes I find all this a bit hard to accept although this tiredness and aching continues. My right arm tremor seems fairly ok on the madopar. I suppose it's all a bit hit and miss in the early days. Was meant to have an apt to talk about it all but it got cancelled. I'll try and go with t flow as they say. 

Sue x

hi gg

               where you been

Hi Sue,

How about sleeping in after a night shift when you have a day off...take your meds when you wake up and adjust the other doses to spread out over the rest of the day?

Then just see how it feels?

if all goes well, just do it when you need a sleep in...or when you feel the need...

Gus...nice to be missed!

Not been anywhere, sometimes just can't be arsed!..But try to post if I think I have any ideas to share.

Hope you are well.





Thanks gg, trial and error. Will see how it goes x