In the archives you can find a discussion on this subject, with a few posts from me. In these posts I reported on my first experiences with Dopavite. The last posting anyone did in this discussion dates back to 2011.

To anyone who is still interested in this topic, I want to say this.

  • I still use Dopavite, in combination with (a.o.) sinemet, madopar and comtess
  • The main reason for doing so is a strong suspicion that the l-tyrosine works as a natural anti-depressant; also, my problems with obstipation almost disappeared since I started on Dopavite
  • I concluded in november 2010 that in and by itself Dopavite is not an answer to my symptoms, so I started my regular PD medication
  • Meanwhile I've had the experience of Dopavite becoming unavailable for nearly two months, december 2012 and january 2013; this was unpleasant, as the alternatives I found didn't work as well

I'm very sorry I didn't report nearly as often as I promised. I hope to be able to report again at some time, if anyone is still interested.