Dosage of meds

I will admit I have not scrolled through all the last posts to see if my answer is there so I apologise if it is.
Am I right in thinking that there is a level of mg of combined medication that is taken into consideration for the first 6 years. I am not sure where I have heard this but I'm sure I have. The reason being that obviously you cant increase your meds too quick or you have no where to go later on. My problem is my symptoms are impacting on my day to day life and work and yes I know I need to talk to my PD nurse about this and I will just wondered if anyone else had heard this.
Thank you
Hi Newdidit

I think part of the problem in understanding dosages is that each doctor has their own ways. I've been taking Ropinirole for nearly 2yrs gradually increasing to 10mg with none of the really nasty side effects some people have. I've been told my neuro will not prescribe above 12mg daily, and yet there are those on the site who take a lot more. So with all the variation in disease progression, all the variation in reactions to drugs and all the variation in doctor behaviour ................!!!
mosie - you have a good doctor! congratulations.