Dreams and nightmares

Hello my name’s Bridgette. Its my hubby who has Parkinson’s. He was diagnosed last March. Hes 70 now but we have known something strange was going on for the last 4/5 years. Me especially, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what these symptoms were. Used to say to my best friend, there’s something wrong with him but I’m not sure what so when he was diagnosed it was kind of a relief to us both. The worst thing at the moment is the dreams/nightmares. I’ve had to move into another bedroom as I get kicked, punched, nipped and awoken by his screams.I feel so sorry for him as I can wake him up but then as soon as He goes back to sleep they start again. He did suffer with this before diagnosis but we’re told it’s all related to PD. My question is do these sort of things subside or stay forever??

Hello Bridgette I’m sorry to hear your hubby has this problem and feel for you. Perhaps if you contact his PD nurse to see if she can contact your husbands neurologist for advice, or if you actually call the helpline number at the top of the page to speak to someone about this as they can be very helpful and sympathetic. It must be quite frightening for you also, so please phone them for advice.

Take care - Sheila

I’ve started having nightmares and recently bashed myself on the radiator as I was flinging my arms about. Fortunately for my husband we decided some time ago to sleep separately. I saw the neurologist last week and he is going to prescribe a drug to help sort this out; can’t think what its called but he said its caused by REM sleep disorder. He hope it will help me sleep better and therefore have better days. Time will tell.

I suffered significantly from bad dreams and nightmares, sometimes acting out the event and lashing or kicking out. However, the worst subsided after being diagnosed and starting on medication. I still have vivid dreams but they are generally not nightmarish or necessarily bad and rarely now lash out. Possibly the medication has helped, I’m on sinemet, rapinerol and resagelin (excuse the spelling)

emswife, I suffer the same at nights, screaming out, thrashing and kickick. Also hubby now sleeps in the spare room for his safety.

Would you mind letting me know the name of the medication you are having prescribed for this because I will mention it to my Neurologist next visit. I hope it does make a difference for you.

hi Joanie I don’t know yet as I haven’t heard back…The consultant is writing to my gp with details so I will Try to remember to let you know. Apparently the problem is called REM sleep disorder.
Good luck with it; I hate sleeping apart after nearly 37 years of marriage but at least we both get some sleep

Hi…This is exactly what I also had on my list for my consultant on Saturday I have been writing a list of all the strange dreams I have been having, sometimes I wake up get up then when I get back into bed I start
Dreaming again…My Husband says I cry a lot and shout out very strange x

Hi Princess,

I hope all is well.

I’m sorry to hear that your husband has been experiencing sleep issues. Unfortunately, this is actually a very common symptom of Parkinson’s and we have an entire 'Sleep ’ section on the Parkinson’s UK website, here for further information on it.

We also have a helpline service which you can call on 0808 800 0303 for further advice on how to manage your husband’s sleep condition along with the help available to you both.

I hope you find the above information useful.

All the best.

Many thanks,

Sorry it’s taken me ages to reply as I lost my password. The medication I have is called Clonazepam and I have 1 x 500ng at night. It gives me almost 6 hrs uninterrupted sleep most nights which is heaven.
Good luck with getting some.

I too have vacated the marital bed.
Mirapexin seemed to make the nightmares worse.
Sinemet is a bit better.