Driving With PD

Hello everyone, Taff29 from caernarfon, North Wales.
Been Diagnosed with PD Age 50, Work as Bus Driver, would like info regarding if i can continue to drive Bus with PD, cant get any straight answer from anywhere
Hi Taff

I really think you should go to your Doctor first ask his advice. Then tell your employer about your dx of Parkinson's. They will most likely send you for a independent medical . As you hold a PSV licence.

Regards PB x
Yes you can continue driving a Bus/Coach or any PCV provided you meet the medical standard required which is more stringent than is required for driving a car. Your license will probaly be reviewed on a yearly basis and subject to your consultant and your GP's medical reports.
If you still enjoy your work, dont get stressed out and can pass the medical then carry on even if you are on medication. Beware of the fact that some medications could give you sudden sleep side affect, but not everyone suffers
that side affect. Dont forget you must inform DVLA. I found DVLA very supportive :grin:

Hope that helps :smile:
Hi again

I hope the advice to you helps taff.
I firstly think you should tell your company about the Parkinsons. So the company can help in respect of flexible working, you now come under the DDA disability discrimination act so you can not be sacked. Also you have to notify the DVLA legally.
It will depend on your level of disability as to whether they would take your licence off you.

I wish you well and hope you keep us informed how it goes ar work


Your FIRST action should be to inform the DVLA. Once you have done this it will be up to them to send you the necessary forms to complete and, once you have returned these, they will contact your consultant/GP/Parkinsons nurse, for further information as to your ability to carry on driving.

Informing your employer is also advisable BUT only when you have already set the ball rolling with the DVLA. Your employer cannot make the decision as to your capability to drive nor tell you to carry on driving. Once you have completed and sent off the forsm to the DVLA you can carry on driving until they make a decision.

To carry on driving after a definte diagnosis of Parkinson, without informing the DVLA is not a good idea, in fact I believe it's illegal to do so, no matter how able you may feel.
Thank You All for good info,
Phoned DVLA they are sending Forms to me to fill in.
Will chat with my GP next week regarding Driving