Dry Mouth

I am having serious problems with an excessively dry mouth. I am told that it can cause dental

problems. Does anyone know if Parkinson's medications can cause Dry Mouth ?

Artane (trihexyphenidyl) Dry mouth  can be quite unpleasant. Drugs of this type are rarely prescribed nowadays.


Just came across your post, I have had dry mouth since being diagnosed and my teeth have suffered.

They have gradually worn away and two have broken off. The dentist has done his best but they have to come out now and I need more fillings along with gum treatment. There is no proof that its the drugs so see your dentist before any problems arise. Good luck


I haven't been diagnosed yet but, before i generally realised i was ill at the point i am now, 2 year's ago, At a visit too my dentist my dentist told me i don't appear too make sufficient saliva and that my mouth was generally dry, she said it could cause me problems, I wasn't on any medication at the time or previous too it.

I now have a dry mouth most of the time even after a drink it returns quickly too being dry and especially at night.