Duadopa Infusion

Does anyone out there have any experience or info please re: duadopa infusions, I have not been on the forum for a while not because of what's been happening but because life has been 'hell' again and do not say this lightly ever the optimist honest. i supported o/h with he decision to go back on DA's despite our previous devastating experience. He started the apomorphine infusion pump in Feb this year physically a vast improvement so agree brill drug!!! physically not as good at moment but as far as ocd/icd behaviours huge issues are back.
Luckily for him o'h is oblivious and has no insight now at all. Being the person not suffering with PD feel sad to say this but feel I am living a nightmare again, o/h can't even see the devastation he is causing.
Our PD nurse after a call from o/h not about above but a physical problem that was causing problems agreed to see us asap think she guessed something was up.
The policy locally is to trial the DA version of infusion as although cost is high Duadopa is twice as much.it has to go to PCT panel to be decided so still not confirmed. She also in the mean time wants him assessed again by psychiatrist as with information I have given feels he is at risk to himself and or others.
He feels i am making it all up to be spiteful !!
Sorry for waffle but hoped anyone had some advice or info that may help

Hi Bubble,

Have you tried




email and phone number of Abbot Healthcare there.

Plus call helpline above, they would have dealt with people on duodopa.

There was a thread titled "Duodopa Pump" here a year ago. If you search for duodopa you may get some info there.

And try


Duodopa is on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) here in Australia so it costs $35 per month. It would cost around $80,000 per year if this was not so.
Hi rico

thanks very much for info, really useful.

thats great that in your country you are able to access through that scheme as you said cost is very high, i try not to be cynical but am awre that cst in Uk is about £48,000 per year and despite excellent reports is not offered as an option unless they have tried anything.

Best wishes x :grin: