Early Retirement

Dear all this is an update.
Had Atos assessment last October who recommended that I be considered for ill health retirement as I was not fit for work. Capita final verdict refused my medical retirement, saying I am fit for work and I can return to work with some minor adjustments, without specifying what those adjustments are. The Capita assessment was just an interview and the guy did not seem to relate the symptoms of PD but was merely looking at my level of activity, a somehow distant assessment. My doctor and consultant are both surprised by Capita's decision.I am having a Capability Hearing next week. Spoke with employer who questions my ability to return to work. Everyone seems to agree that I may not be fit for work except Capita.
Waiting for outcome of capability hearing next week.

I posted a reply on a different subject last week. My husband was a senior manager in the public sector and was often amazed how CAPITA doctors had completely different answers from ATOS and patients own consultants. Both ATOS and CAPITA are contracted by the employer and are both like insurance companies who will use anything in the text of reports to get out of paying! this is what issuing an ill health retirement certificate means to the employer. All employers will want to retire their staff on medical inefficiency as that is a significant saving in costs and the contracts set up with both ATOS and CAPITA reflect what the employer wants not what the employee needs. :imp:

i finally got my decision regarding my job at my last capability meeting its taken along time to get it folks but ive finally been given a new job its been along time coming but ive fought them all the way my employers wanted me to retire, i didn't want to give up im only 46 and can still reasonably work ok.
my union was rubbish so i took on my employer myself and won ive now got a job that is mon to fri flexi working hours which are up to me and is office based which will suit me as illness progresses , i keep my same pay for 2 years and then go to to top of pay band on my new job which is a bit less but no shifts or weekends etc,i wasn't going to be pushed out by them and im chuffed with myself for what ive achieved, if anyone is in a similar position if you want to keep working fight them all the way research your rights and let them know that you are going to fight them all the way,
best wishes for Xmas to you all im going to enjoy this one now that ive got a future and i will retire when i know when i cant work any more and not be bullied by an unsympathetic employer