Eating regularly

I am finding that if I don t eat between meals I get very shaky and really slow up. After some food ,pref carbohydrates, I gradually feel a bit better. I have had my blood sugar checked recently and it s fine.

Anyone else experience this?

thanks and bw




I get this, and Ive had this problem for years, I havent been diagnosed with PD though. My tremor gets worse if I havent eaten for even a couple of hours, Im always snacking! It doesnt make sense to me how blood sugar can be fine when you feel this way!

Hi there 

 Yep much the same for me if I don't snack my head goes all light n dizzy internal tremors shaky feel awfull ,

Eat something  sweet  ie chocolate or a drink some coke n I'm fine for a couple of hours. 

My sugar levels n bp fine  with all the sugary stuff I eat I should be as fat as a house but I'm not , don't make much sense really , I've been like it for years .

No I don t understand it either and, come to think of it, I felt the same thing occasionally over many years before PD

very strange!



It really annoys me, I find it extra hard cos Im allergic to fruit and salad and Im gluten intolerant too so my snacking options are limited hehe! I have to carry something with me all the time, I wish I knew why it does it, I can get sweaty and faint too, just like with low blood sugar. I think is been happening to me for at least 6 years, luckily I can eat while Im working cos I couldnt make it between breaks! So do you reckon this is a PD thing too then?

Well I don't know if it's linked to pd as that would mean I've had symptoms for thirty years or more!,

On the other hand both my brothers and my sister are obese while I've never been is there a link to pd somewhere there ? I eat three meals a day plus a large amount of chocolate and up to a ltr of coke a day ordinary not diet , but put on no weight , I know weight loss is part of pd so is this very erley symptoms 


Ive been losing weight, im down to 8.5 stone now and im eating every 2 hours, cant keep weight on anymore!

I know weight loss is common in PD, all the muscle shaking makes us burn up calories fast. It would seem that a drop in blood sugar makes the tremor worse but is the drop related to PD? Anyone got an idea on this?

i notice the PUK info leaflet on Eating recommends snacks between meals.





I saw Louise/Lucy (?) Leader talk in Solihull in MArch .   She made a pt of

saying that a mid-morn and mid-after snack was important ... soemthing small

and healthy(if poss).




Oh ok, I didnt know weight loss could be a PD thing, im still not diagnosed though. I had wondered if the twitching etc burns off calories, ive lost 2 stone this year, getting a bit too skinny now. I guess it makes sense though

Thanks to everyone for their comments - am going to stock up on doughnuts.......!

Enjoy your snacks everyone




Probably best to have something with more slow release sugar cos you dont wanna get a sugar high and then a crash. But a sneaky doughnut sometimes wont hurt :-)