Electric beds & Memory foam- your advice please

Thinking of buying mum an electric bed with a memory foam mattress.  Does this help the pain of Parkinsons?  Interested to hear your feedback and recommendations on what is best to buy and what to consider.

I don't have an electric bed , but I do have a memory foam mattress, which I could not do without. After many years of hardly ever going to bed because I could not get comfortable or sleep, I now mostly get about 6-7 hours every night , interrupted only from mandatory trips to the bathroom , and of course I still get the odd night when sleep will not come because of pain and dyskensia. It might not suit everyone but I am certainly pleased with mine.

I have an electric bed and it is incredibly helpful.  I cannot sleep lying down and this allows me to get into a banana shape which I find very comfortable.


I do have low back problems so maybe the bed is good for that, but I do also find that I can raise the back to make it easier to get out of bed.

im in mine right now.  It was the the best £35 i'd spent on ebay at the time.  this forums spell checker has gone crazy tonight it wont allow capitals

being able to raise the torso or legs heops get comfortable and aids getting out.  you shoud set it back to straight again before reentry to save straining the mechanism.


I've been diagnosed for 8 years and recently have found it more and more difficult to get comfortable in bed.  I have tried various mattress manufacturer and topper combinations but they all seem to be lacking in some respect.  

Can anyone suggest a bed / mattress combination which can resolve all of my problems listed below ?:  

  • Mattress / bed which is easy to get in and out of by myself (I am 6'3 and 15 stone)
  • Mattress which is comfortable (I used to prefer firm mattresses but now find these far too hard)
  • Mattress has to be smooth and without any 'buttons' or other similar object on the outside - my back complains when it lies on one!
  • My back has become very sensitive lately and  I can be very much like the 'princess and the p' - I become very aware of anything touching or poking into my back.  
  • Must allow air flow (I can get very hot)
  • Allows reading in bed without complaints from my back!

I know I could keep taking pain killers but it would be nice to be able to enjoy the bed / mattress without.(I'm fed up with taking more tablets and pain killers only mask the pain and don't fix the problem!

PS Are 'electric' beds any good?

I hope you can come up with some solutions!