having trouble changing my email,go into my profile says change password but i do not want to,but done this to change email but not happening why is it so hard ! any suggestions

Hi gus,

Please do send us an email to [email protected] and we can change this over for you.



hi joanne , i managed to do it ok ! had to do my password to reset email but thank you


         This is me  after the  murders in Manchester Gus I am furious that this mindless thug was not apprehended , he  was know to  police  so why was his home searched forensics would have shown traces of explosives for  sure  but  you  know apart from one moron  with  no  heart,  this  will drive  back racial tension 50yrs  innocent muslims will be  beaten   to  death shot knifed, and  of course  muslim   thugs  will respond,  and so it  goes,  sorry guys  I know im in the wrong  slot it  just  comes to  mind and  ive  got  to  type it,  so  your  email .just go to account yours,  profile  then put your password  in  then  your  new  password  the good  folks  on  the forum  post  posters will send  a  mail  to your email asking you to  confirm who  you  are,,, as  if  you  did  not  know  who  you  are  I mean  your  you  Gus  of  course  you  know,  folks  are  strange  are  they  not, you  know my  aunt who  lives on the hill East of  Weymouth,  well  she  could  buy  Weymouth is  she  chose  to  do  so  and  this  sponsored bike ride was brought  up  in  the conversation Gus so  I said  Aunt P @@@@E would  you mind a small  donation, now bear in mind this Lady has  more  dosh  than FORT  KNOX and THE  BANK  OF ENGLAND,X 10  so  a small  donation is precisely what I got  , nowt atall my  friend,she became  very animated and  ( its  amazing  what  can  be  achieved with animation these days )and told me in no  uncertain terms "no  no I never give to charities" oh  err  well  ok  its  to help  me  and my  buddies  on  PDF I  said,,   Well whats  wrong  with you, you sound  ok, she knows I was diagnosed with PD in 98-99  no  no  go  away,   clash  thats special effects  that  clash  word, so I  guess  I  wont  be in  her  will  either  my  friend   her  vast  wealth  will  go  to  a  TORTOISE called  ERIC  NO  DOUBT.

                                           Its fine and sunny  hereGus  in   Geordieland  whats it  like  your  end



sorry for not being on the forum lately just had wetroom & stairlift  all finished now looks great and its made such a difference i can now sort my self out , go up & down stairs not that fast but its a god send when your in the off state .yeah its great down here in the south 21 today beach tomorrow wife day off work ! my esa support group benefitt all went through no face to face needed paperwork enough ok now 36 months