Hi Keith I left you a message and don’t know where it is!!!


Hi Babs . How are you today
Today like yesterday I feel really good
Yes the shakes have returned so is the painful hip and thigh
But for some reason it doesn’t feel so bad
Compared to the constant sleepiness
I didn’t get your message
There’s a message thief somewhere lol
What thread did you post it on


I hope Tommy doesn’t strangle his Neurologist lol


I’m going to get a wee song from Spotify for when I’m walking Sammy later.
For my brother.

I belong to Glasgow
Dear old Glasgow town
There’s nothing the matter wi
Glasgow when it’s going round and round.
Well you get the jist of that eh?
Tommy X :pill:


Hi Reah I’m going to change this to a pm I put it on the forum cos I’m stupid


I do hope you are not going anywhere Tommy. I realise that you did not mean to post this here.

Thinking of you Pal x x x


Hi @T1,

No problem, I’ll respond to your pm shortly. :slightly_smiling_face:



Well Brother the first Christmas is over without you around .
And another new year is almost upon us and here’s something I’ve found.

I really don’t think you were aware or even I knew.
That you were the kingpin, the family glue.

We talked in your last year’s about your illness and fears.
And I was so forward about your uncooperation that caused your wife so many tears.

I asked you if you were doing that in spite
But with the benefit of hindsight I now know that that wasn’t right.

I thanked you in person for sorting me out.
But you just brushed that off by saying “that’s what families are about”

But that’s just not enough Brother because you opened your home and your heart
And put me back together when I fell apart.

I hope I hope but I can’t say I pray.
That maybe just maybe we’ll be reunited someday.

The others have left me including your wife.
Gone now forever out of my life.

They take no time to inquire if I’m feeling well.
But by the same token I take no time to tell.

I can’t blame Edd for the behaviour of my son
For he has his own mind and courage well simply none.

Jackie seems to have joined them and stays out of touch.
Which is really quite ironic given she dislikes Edd so much.

Oh well Brother you know me.
I’m just so stubborn I’ll just let these things be.

I only have one face and neither apologize or refrain.
For attempting to be your voice when you were in pain
and I have no regrets I’d do the same again.

Things not withstanding it seems likely I’ll be on my own
When my time arrives but my overwhelming thought is that I shall not moan.

I’ll take my leave in any way I choose to pursue.
And if you could keep your promise and come back to guide me and I will be only too happy to go follow you.

It’s just as I said earlier that you are the glue .
And we could possibly wait together for your wife and sue.



To my adopted brother Tommy

Tommy you are braver than you really feel
You hold no malice to those who mean you ill will
Thats the diffrence that it takes for you to come on top
For the love you have for your brother that love will never stop

The first year is the hardest and that i will not lie
But days do get easier i know because ive been there
Its the memories that we hold on to , memories you can share
I can not take away the pain you feel , but as your friend i will be there

Ive lost some friends along this way , but ive made friends who will stay
Doesnt matter we havent met , but they will help i know i bet
Take it from me , people who walk away arenot people you need
Dont be hurt by others words , let them deal with their own guilt

I wish you were my brother , but i will take you as a friend anyday


God bless, you guys.


Emotions are hard to handle some days
Some days i only want my own company but at the same time do not want to be alone.
Its not to say you dont get concerned but its the fact you understand and dont criticise or judge
Im not bitter or upset but if everybody outside of us could understand then everyday would be a better day

Take care my friends


Spot on mate but I find if you try to explain to people they either Don, t listen or Don, t care


Emotions are like backsides ( pc correctness)
We all have them
Are all diffrent
But all do the same thing

It takes understanding to realise everyone is human no matter how diffirent


Hi all musketeers
I’m sorry if I spooked you all.
I was just having a Bette Davis moment.
You know when nothing seems to go right.
I went to DFS and there was no sale on.
I went to Gregg’s for a sausage roll and they’d gone vegan.
Even the Samaritans hung up on me .
Tommy :pill:


Not your day bruv is it lol