Hi Roberto,

do you notice any side effects with Exenatide? Are you getting it because you were on the trial or because your Neuro is happy to prescribe it off label?



i suppose the only real side effect has been weight loss 10 kg since starting it. i was on placebo and was given the option to take the drug when the trial ended, my gp wouldn’t prescribe off label so my neuro agreed to prescribe it.


Hi Roberto,

is the drug you get called Bydureon? Does it need to be stored in the fridge?




hi dave,
yes that’s right it comes in 2mg pens. It’s used for diabetes


I understand this drug is used to lower blood sugar , Diabetes 2 patients.

What component of this drug is useful in Parkinsons ? Why does it have the potential to slow down progression ?

I read inflammation is a problem contributing to Parkinsons and its progression.

Sugar causes inflammation, cell death oxidative stress ?

Should we avoid sugar in our diets or carry on eating sugary foods then take a drug to reduce blood sugar to reduce inflammation/oxidative stress.

I am not medically trained but trials on diet seem to be lacking as no money to be made, or am I just cynical and ill informed.

A bit of both I suspect, anyone have a easy to understand explanation of how this drug is beneficial to us other than lowering blood sugar. .

Many Thanks


Hi TeeHee, you are right, there needs to be more research into how Exenatide is working. The elephant in the room is that although the phase 2 trial results were announced seven months ago it has all gone quiet since. Like you I try very hard not to be cynical.