Exciting times for the forum

Many of you have posted comments over the last week outlining some of the things that you would like to see on the forum.

These have thrown up a range of issues including the functions that the site offers, the way the forum is moderated and the behaviour that should be expected of forum users.

The existing forum site is now around three years old and gives us very limited ability to change what the site can offer to those who use the forum. It is also becoming very hard to maintain.

To enable us to continue to support the forum community and to help create a vibrant and positive site, we will shortly be starting a project to create a new forum site

This will be a really big project, and as a result of your comments, we will ensure that the project looks not just at the technical side but also that we take the time to fully look at how the site is run.

We hope to start this in early September and expect it to take around 6 months. We will post more information nearer the time but we want to find ways to enable you all to share your energy and enthusiasm for the forum and to contribute your thoughts and ideas
that sounds really good.
can i suggest that at various stages you provide prototypes so that users can have hands-on testing and suggest changes before too much development is done? you could also get those keen enough to act as a user acceptance team.
That's fantastic news Tim, I will get my thinking cap on!:smile:
Thats very good and positive news, thumbs up from me :grin:
Great news!
thats great news tim ,thanks,one thing i would just like is to see more info bout fundraisn and resurch that is happinin ,and that the mods will post more frequently so we no that u are actualy there :wink:
I like the idea of having photographs of members alongside their names to help prevent multiple memberships and to let you see who you are talking too.

This might help members feel more personally attached to other members and prevent some of the fighting and bickering.

I appreciate some people may prefer to remain anonymous though, just an idea.
Thank you.
Excellent and best wishes. Can only be positive.
Thank you , that's great news , look forward to the changes. :grin:
Thank you this is terrific news
Pat that man on the back:grin:
Great news, thank you
hi Tim

Sounds like great news.

I look forward to the re-launch of the forum, along with a more understanding and proactive style of moderation in February 2012.
@carolineb211, avatar images are a nice idea - it allows a more instant recognition of regular users - but I doubt that it would do anything to prevent multiple accounts. If the latter is a problem, it needs to be addressed via the information required to create an account, and even then I suspect that a savvy and inventive user might be able to sidestep it.

Incidentally, I never use a photograph as an avatar - I usually have a painted or drawn self-portrait. Many people I encounter online use other images that mean something to them - album covers, cartoon characters, pictures of their cat...
I can't see it. What this forum needs an enema:exclamation:

Flipping humbug. Can't see it. It needs a populationa transplant.

Instead of shelling out loads, raiding the pd uk piggy bank. Just get in touch with Annebernadette and offer her appearance money. That would enhance the quality of the forum 100x
Its people that maketh a forum
Bring back the Irish One.
Good news.