Exercise and Parkinson’s

Cheers Tot x

Hello Mary1947,
Glad to hear that you have found Elaine and she is coming up with some adaptions to assist you. I also do Tai Chi and Qi Gong both which I started just before the first lock down.

Both are delivered on line with up to 6 participants who you can see and we generallh have a chat amongst ourselves before or after the session. As my symptoms got progressively worse and on line members dropped off as the studio was now open, Shirley & Tony adapted both my sessions so I could continue. I mainly now practice Qi Gong as it is easier to adapted for seated only. But legs still get a work out, however importantly I still manage to reach the state to be able to feel the Chi flowing and I feel so relaxed after the session.

Hope you manage to keep up your Tai Chi, best wishes John :sunglasses:

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Thank you John for you kind words I am going to keep going to my Tai Chi for as long as I can, Where I live Elaine has 3 session’s new comer’s/ step up to group 2 ans the advance group. Before PD and Covid I was in the last group and had completed the Fan Form, but no matter times I go i wont reach the fan form sessions
thnks again xx