Exercise is the answer


I usually feel better with exercise, especially when I fall into a slump. “…take control of your disease…” is excellent advice.


Hi john
Sorry for slow reply. Yes please would you send me details of the Martlesham class. I would be keen to try them
Thank you


Och well I think. I have been ignored. Well I will just lie low with my fractured foot.most prob better off talking to myself.


Hi Babs, I am the same and wish I could exercise/walk for hours/cycle/go to the gym/ etc. All things I could do before Chronic Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalga came along and left in in so much pain. I am sure continued exercise does help peeps with PD but I’m not able to even start. I went to pain clinic where I thought would get advise on coping with pain. But all that happened was my pain patches were reduced and I was given Gabapentin. Which does nothing for my osteo pain, so I am now even less active. All this while still a question mark over PD.


Hi Steph you can contact Kim at [email protected]
She runs 2 classes, one for people who are able to stand and move easily and one for people who are less able.

I’ll look out for you




Hi Rose
Thanks so much for your reply.

I am on gabapentin as well and a low dose of antidepressant
I also take codyramol
Which all seem to work for me. Before my back operation I was in. The worst pain ever.

Yes it’s rubbish not being able to walk far or go. To an aerobics class.

I hope that you get everything sorted soon

Best wishes Babsx


Hi John,

I contacted Kim, and will be attending my first class in April.
Looking forward to it

Thank you


Hi John

I would be very interested in the Warrior classes for my husband. We live in Oulton Broad so would be happy to travel to Martlesham. He may also be interested in the boxing classes in Norwich so would appreciate details of that too.

Many thanks,


Im going to look into the Facebook page mentioned above .i haven’t been able to find any pd warrior type classes in my area (north east Lincolnshire )


Hi. Details of the parkinsons boxing class in Norwich are listed on the Norwich and district parkinsons uk support group site


Google the Paleo diet. It is very well established in the USA. I went onto it on the advice of a nutritionist who also put me through a series of tests that went off to the USA for analysis.
Nordic walking has changed my walking and balance issues very well. Much recommended! Look at nordicwalking UK website for details.