My husband is 41 and has been diagnosed with PD for 7 years. Every few weeks he gets hit by days of feeling exhausted and to weary to move. I am finding this really hard to deal with as it is affecting his working life and his employer although supportive must be getting fed up with him taking 2 or 3 days off every few weeks. Does anyone know how to stop these events happening or give me some advice as I am getting very frustrated and angry at these times which I know is not good.
Hi rimbudnov, welcome.

I can't help you personally, but I strongly suggest you call our help line, whose number is at the top left of the screen. They are rally friendly, helpful and discreet, and can put you directly in touch with a fully qualified and experienced PD Nurse.

Good luck, and keep in touch (if you wish),

Welcome Rimbudnov. Is your husband's exhaustion caused by difficulty sleeping? I used to have the same problem but by adjusting my medication on the advice of my PD nurse I was able to overcome this and I now enjoy a reasonable nights sleep.
Get professional advice!