Hiyall, My h for whom I care fell twice in the last four days. This hasnt really happened before although I guess his balance is very slowly getting affected now. The second fall was backwards when he was on the way upstairs! So now I am trailing his every move which he quite enjoys but which is tiring . Any advice from all you hardened and experienced parkinsonians? Like do you think this is going to be happening all the time now or could it be one of those symptoms than goes away for a bit and then comes back and has another little attack? Any ideas on what can help this, apart from dont use the stairs which I have been trying for 4 years and have not won this battle yet! He cannot have a stairlift because he is blind, yes I know it sounds quite scary but he always was adventurous. Any tips ? love sunray
Hello sunray .. I am in the same boat as you ..and rowing hard .lol.

When my husband goes upstairs I walk behind him and in front when going down .

This morning he was going back upstairs to have his shower it was getter harder and harder until when he did get to the top his legs collapsed beneath him . He cannot get himself back up so I ended up calling a neighbour and the postman as he went by to help me .

My husbands balance is poor and he has fallen backwards it;s what happens isnt it .

Of course your O H has a double whammy . Doed he use a walker , my husband doesnt and he cannot manage a walking stick .
What if we got some reins , we could walk in front and pull them up and hold them back going down .// I am not making fun . Making light of things is one of the ways we cope .
Hi Sunray.. I suggest you get your o/h to see his GP just to make sure nothing else is affecting his balance. For example, an inner ear problem such as labyrinthitis or an infection.. If this proves negative, discuss the problem with his neuro or PD nurse.

I also suffer from falls - mainly backwards, my wife asks if I was feeling dizzy, but of course this is not the case. It is very strange, I was thinking about asking my PD Nurse about Amantadine which is supposed to help balance and, according to the BNF, there is no record of interference with PARKINSONS drugs.
I will let you know what happen. In the meantime all I can suggest is that anyone who might suffer from falls just takes it easy.
Thanks all yes I definitely think I'll get reins and I will tell the neurologist next time we go. H already had big discussion with OT , and he is not very keen on her and neither she on him lol !

Maybe I get him some wings too , or maybe I get a ring and pointy shoes like in the sorcerer's apprentice, if you've seen it?

I think its just another nasty trick from Mr Parkinson isnt it , he really has a lot to answer for.

Any more stories , experiences, tips and wrinkles I would welcome

thanks, love and blessings Sunray