Falls and listing equipment

Hi there,
Am looking for some advice re coping with my OH’s frequent falls. Has anyone any experience of using a hoist, and if so would you recommend it? Or the use of a mobility aid other than the usual Zimmer frames/ rollators ( none of which stop my OH from falling). I have recently sustained an injury by helping him and cannot risk exacerbating it and not being able to look after him at all. OT and Social Services are in the pipeline

And also wondering if anyone has experience of using a career controlled electric wheelchair ?

Regards, Pippa

Hi Pippa,
We’re sorry to hear about your injury, and the difficulty finding a solution to your OH’s falling often. We found a hub page on our website that might lead to some ideas. You can also search older Forum threads regarding falls and assistance equipment. And of course, remember you are welcome to call and speak to an adviser, who can help with local recommendations. The number is 0808 800 0303 and it’s free and confidential.
Our best wishes to you both,
Moderation Team