Hi everyone.I just wondered if anyone out there regularly falls I fall at least once a day and that has been the case for a year and I am black and blue.
Hi Dizzylizzi, Before I started on the meds I was permanently dizzy for about 6 weeks and sometimes lost balance, but that seems to have resolved itself with the start of meds. My Neuro referred me to 'Falls and Syncope' who are still carrying out tests on me but have so far told me I have low blood pressure when standing and my body does not automatically adjust to an increase in demand for energy when going uphill etc.

They have told me to increase my none caffeine fluid intake to 2 litres before lunch and to drink 5 cups of strong tea or coffee the rest of the day. The only difference I have noticed so far is the need to know where the nearest loo is!

Knee pads.

Also went to physio to help with walking, got exercises to strengthen core and stretches for pelvis and back to keep me upright.

Loads of literature available on this site with loads of tips.

I still fall, like their isn't an article about falling into the dishwasher or sister-in-law or Tomatoes at the local supermarket.
Hi DizzieLizzie,

I fall every day, but rarely to the floor, as I tend to fall against a wall or chair etc., but it can be very frightening.

My falling is caused by my legs (mainly the right one ) freezing, and staying put whilst the rest of me is already moving.

I'm off to a four week physio course tomorrow which may help.



p.s. I have to use a walking stick now otherwise 'falling' would be worse.