I'm cloud

I have been been diagnosed for 14.4yrs and have a lot of falls They have icreased especially over the last year, this includes one visit to A&E and at the moment I'm sportubg a lovely pair of black eyes.
Hello cloud and welcome to the forum , very friendly bunch on here , hope the black eyes are better soon take care :rolling_eyes: marie
Common I'm afriad amongst PWP. Try your PD nurse for specific 'antifallingover' advice.

PS...bruised bum at the moment.....fell down last 4 stairs....owch!!

Hi Cloud. Do you trip on uneven surfaces because of a shuffling gait or is it more of a balance problem? Last year, while on holiday, I tripped on a raised manhole cover Smashed my glasses, broke a bone in my finger and got a real shiner of a black eye! .:disappointed:
hiya cloud,welcome to the forum:smile:im ali ,im 42 now i been dx for 11 years:smile:i also fall frequently ,people say its cus im clumsy ,but im not,it deffo the pd and health issues that causes so many trips:rolling_eyes:i hope ur aches and pains,black eyes soon feel beter for you:smile:see you around the forum :smile:
I've had no falling over advice from anyone ever. PD nurse, physios, nothing.

After years falling on my coccyx this is what I have learned.

Try and get as close to the ground as you can before you hit it.
It's better to go in installments than it is to take a big hit.

Don't use your coccyx as a cushioning device, it doesn't work.

If its icy at all, don't bother.
Hi Cloud,
my hubbie has been diagnosed for 13 years and he has been falling a lot.We saw the pd nurse and she directed us to a specialist pd physio.she went through all the things that made him fall and then she gave him some very simple things to do at home,i help by prompting him and this helps,he still falls but usually when he forgets to do the simple tricks.
Don't be fobbed off with an everyday run of the mill physio, ask to see a physio who knows about pd and they will help by giving you specific things to do that will help.My hubbie says it helps having someone with you, so that they can help and prompt you, cos there are things that you have to be aware of doing all the time.
Hope this helps.
The thing about falling is to try not to let it dent your confidence. I know it sounds easy but when people fall of horses etc the best thing they can do is get on and try again. I have fallen over lots of times , the last time whilst staggering to the bathroom. I ended up with a bloody nose and dented pride . It took a couple of weeks for my nose to stop hurting but it did eventually, thank goodness. As several people have mentioned already its always good to know HOW to fall ...the trouble is it always takes you by surprise!
If pwp say they have 'fallen for you' .....its probably true!
take care
Hi Cloud welcome. The worst fall I had was a few years ago.I fell flat on my face and hit my mouth. My top lip reached my nose and when the swelling went down.I was left with a black bruise right across my top lip,which looked like the perfect moustache. I had some real strange looks..Hope you are feeling better.Angel.
A good tip when venturing out onto icy pavements is to wear a pair of old socks over your shoes. This really works. Mind you, you might look a bit of a Charlie.:laughing: