I had my first outdoor fall on Monday 

i was out with the dog and tried to avoid standing on her and down I went.

luckily I was not hurt

Hi, gcy!

Falls are always embarrassing, aren't they?  I had my dog on a leash at the beach a while back, and when he lunged, I couldn't maintain my balance.  At least I had sand to land in, but I think PD was responsible for my not being able to react quickly enough to save myself from such ignominy.  :)

Me to although i did not so much has fall but when i am walking i do notice i tend wander either to my left or to the right i did this  a few months ago whilst getting on the bus i walked into the arm of a seat on the bus i was totally unaware i had done it till i felt the pain in my thigh i did sustain a very nasty bruise , very embarrassing red face

I fell into the shrubbery yesterday when snapping a twig off a dead branch. Was relieved not to hurt myself (and that no one was going past the house at the time).

Hubby has learned to roll when he falls, not something I have mastered yet!

Frequently my wife feels groggy and likely to fall, she`s worried that people will think she`s drunk but it`s a chance she`ll have to take I`m afraid I can`t think of any concrete advice to give either you or her. It might be an idea to use a stick for any walks, though I appreciate that this could be awkward when walking the dog!!

i  am not able to walk very far but i feel i have more control with my dog using a harness this make it easier to keep him at  my side giving less chance of tripping,smilehappy walkys

Michael Foot famously walked with both stick and dog, Dizzy (the dog, that is; I forget what he called his stick).


Reminds me of when I was on holiday in Llandudno a couple of years ago. Tripped on a raised paving slab, fell flat on my face, smashed my glasses, got a real shiner of a black eye and broke a bone in one of my fingers. 

A fellow PwP has a service dog to stop him from having falls. He found out years after PD dx that he has HSP (Hereditary Spastic Palsy) too, which is why he was having so much trouble with falls.

I was crossing a main road in York a couple of Christmases ago when I fell flat on my face right in the middle of the road. My husband was walking in front of me , bundled up against the cold with his hood up, and didn't even notice I wasn't with him until he got to the other side and realised I wasn't there.

Has anyone walked down the steel staircase to get to the opposite platform at Marsden Railway Station, Huddersfield. If so, try falling down it next time like I did a couple of years ago.  Ended up bloodied and a bit embarrassed  but not broken. That term, 'pick your feet up', was never more apt.  Not done too bad on the falling front but that was the worst.

I have had a couple of falls; the first was the result of festination but fortunately it took place in winter and I fell face first into a snow bank - no harm done.  The second fall was a few weeks ago and caused considerable damage - face first onto a cement side walk (see my blog www.wpgchap.blogspot.ca - posted September 9 entitled "Round 2.  Down for the 8 count").  I think it was caused by my foot dragging while running.  The result is a few nasty scars and a vow to quit running.  From now on I walk  every where and be on the look out for festination.  This "disease" is a darned nuisance!

My husband, who is 59 and has had PD for 20 years, almost falls every day.  When in the house he now uses a zimmer and counts and it really does help. Outside, which is always better, he uses a three-pronged walking stick which again has proved very useful.

When his brain is occupied with counting or singing in his head etc then his brain doesn't seem to say 'fall over'!

He always wears knee pads and they have been great.  You can get knee pads that go on underneath your trousers when out. He wears them on top of his trousers when indoors.



Thank you for all the good advice

the horrible thing is I know when I am going to fall for a second or so and can do nothing about it

I use a stick when I am out

Hi, know what you mean  gcy. .. It's the that feeling you know you're going to fall, but there is nothing you can do  to stop it.   It all seems to happen  in slow motion!i.  I try to be ultra careful all the time!

A couple months ago my husband was on the back drop hatch of a one ton pick up truck standing side too and trying to pull something out of a pile of junk in the truck, well what he was pulling came loose and he went off the end of the truck, and amazingly landed on his legs but immediately went down sideways onto the sidewalk on his side.

I was amazed he did not break anything or even end up with serious bruising! He has had several falls though he always finds something to blame them on. He teeters and totters when walking or climbing stairs and tends to fall backward more than frontward. One night a few months back I was asleep and heard a big crash right next to my side of the bed. He was going to the bathroom and got as far as the door to the bedroom and legs went out and he fell completely backward to the floor right next to my bed, missed the bed rail holding up the mattress by less than in inch from his head.

He does have a cane, when he remembers to use it, I worry about him all the time.

I use a walking stick,was not keen on it at first.But now i use my parkinsons stick all the time,bought it on parkinsons shop.Really good and its christmas have a look !

Nice one, made me smile.




I don't intend to sound out of order here, but I've just come across your post and it has given me my first smile of the day, your description of your husband falling down and the images that appeared in my mind are Pythonesque. I have just shared it with my missus and we both had a right giggle.

I'm seventy two and am no stranger to hitting the deck, see my post on this subject.  So, thanks for brightening up  my day and may I wish you and your hubby well for the future.  Most of all, don't loose your sense of humour.





                 Today I fell flat on my face half way up stairs, then slid back down on my front bits, including duodopa, I blacked out as a result of my waterworks shouting in my brains ear parts  RUN RUN FED so I ran ignoring the stairlift which  is as slow as a box of slow things on a very slow orbit of the univese, and only got half way, I was only out for 10 secons and did make it to the wc  but i had broken the tube of Ddpa so had to fit a new casset, im ok  but take heed DONT LEAVE IT TOO LATE  I GOT AWAY WITH IT YOU MAY NOT