False id cards

what i would like to know is how easily they hack pduk forum

Hi Gus, 

This user has now been removed and the account banned from the online community, we review this activity on a daily basis. Unfortunately some accounts from time to time will make posts of this nature, we can prevent this from happening by reviewing activity daily and through the report thread function on the forum. 

We'd like to remind all members that if you receive personal messages or see posts from anyone trying to sell you something or recruit you for a study or media campaign, contact the Forum team as soon as possible. When you write to us - either by clicking on 'Report post' or by emailing [email protected] - we will get back to you as quickly as we can




gus, just don't reply and report them. I reported 3 yesterday.

However, it is worrying that it can happen but thankfully it doesn't happen often.

What I don't understand is how they can register in the first place.

Trolls can always re register under another name.cry

Hi Benji, 

Unfortunately they can slip through the net, we do approve all accounts before they are able to access the community. Sometimes they are very good at disguising themselves and this is when we slip up, thanks for your support and we'll continue to do our best to tackle this issue.