Family needs help

Hi my father was diagnosed with PD about 18 months ago with tremor in his hands and excessive saliva he recently had botox injections into his saliva glands which has been a tremendous help. He has become very aggressive on a number of occasions totally out of the blue and is becoming very paranoid and attention seeking which is not my dad, he is only on a very small dose of sinamet as he cannot take it very well has anyone else had any of these problems my dad is 85 and my mother is 81 and we are very concerned that he may harm her. Thank you very much
Your not alone. My Dad is 81 and has had PD for over 8 years.He has started being verbally aggressive towards Mum who is 75, and I (their son) have experienced this myself when Dad had been on an off day he told me to stick the medication up my a**e! Later he had no recollection of this.
Dad is on Stelovo and the night time slow release tablet.
At these ages I wonder if there is a bit of natural old age 'grumpy old sod' and the Parkinsons symptoms.
PS keep your chin up these are very challenging things to deal with.
If you're worried about violence towards your mother, you must seek help. This is a case when talking is not enough. Please phone helpline above.