I've just had a fasciculation in my abdominal wall, at least I think it did?

am I asking or telling?.

it lasted for about 30 seconds and was visible to everyone present 

I got stressed about it and stated to feel nauseous, the nausea continued for about an hour as did

the threat of another "episode" or fasciculation

That was last night, feel fine today.

What should I do if it happens again, is it preventable, is it a parkies thing, should we make a fact sheet?

anyone any advice?

Nobody had this?  

sh!t, that's a worry and no mistake, guvna.  

hi eck, i always get muscle twitching in my left leg,i just sit there and watch it weird

Hi Gus,

thanks for the reassurance   I phoned nhs24,they ere very good.  They quickly established it wasn't going to kill me. Which was a relief. (I'm getting squeamish in my old age).  I couldn't find anything online and feared the worst. Google didn't disappoint, throwing up all sorts of cancerous non operable tumours and sclerosi, as to what might be wrong. 

I really needed a PUK fact sheet ! Or a Q&A. I did find a posting from the ledge, AB. But that was blamed on a medication I dont take - modajawhoderyflip. 

Also a good word for scrabble and ATOS interviews. 

"Yes mister ex-security guard, that's right, fasciculate. So if you don't mind i won't lift that empty cardboard box, it might set me off. And you dont want to be sued for setting one off."

"no I can't spell it."

"oh right B-O-X."


I have more of an outright jerk than a fasciculation.

And a guy who's had it for over 10 years jerks once an hour while watching TV.

I used to fasciculate whilst pregnant and thought it was the baby kicking. When it happened after the birth, then I knew it was just ... what you said.

Sorry for straying off topic.