I am 61 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease five yeas ago. A few weeks back I watched a programme on television about fasting (Horizon, BBC2) and, after hearing how it could improve general health, decided to try it.

The regime I am following basically consists of fasting for 19 hours and then eating normally for up to five hours (by normally, I mean eating anything. However, I do try and eat a health diet, although I do still eat biscuits and chocolate).

I have now been on this regime for three weeks and the Parkinson's symptoms have virtually disappeared. I am now back to how I was before I had Parkinsons. I know it sounds

Has anyone else out there ever tried fasting and, if so, have you found an improvement in your condition.
That sounds interesting. You would need good self discipline to starve yourself for 19 hours. But if it works so worth it.

PB x
Hi Magsb,
I was about to post something very similar! I have noticed for some time now that the less I eat the better I feel, and my symptoms definitely diminish. The converse is also true; the more I eat the worse I feel, and my symptoms get worse. I too saw that programme and have started to fast. I intend to do it 2 days a week, eating 500 cals on those days. (Technically not really a strict fast, but what was recommended on the programme).I have only done it for two days so far, but I definitely felt better, and it confirmed what I had already noticed.
For anyone who did not see the VERY interesting programme and would like to, it is on utube, called "Eat, fast and live longer". The evidence is very compelling.
Kind regards, Butterfly.
I'm sorry I got carried away and didn't notice it was your first post! Welcome to the forum! Butterfly
very interesting.
can i ask if you are in levadopa - i only ask to rule out the possibility it is being better absorbed on an empty stomach?
I agree - the less i eat - the longer my meds last
I am on no meds at all. I wonder about magsb?
butterfly - excellent - in that case you are the perfect guinea pig. i look forward to you getting a positive result.
ps was on a bit of a fast today - only eat two bars of chocolate all day - could feel meds still working up to 2 hours after eating. begining to think it is the length of time AFTER eating that is most important for maximising levadopa intake.
An interesting topic magsb.

I wonder if there could be an association with the fact that increasing an exercise regime helps to combat Parkinson's? I've been hitting the trail with walking these last 3 months and although my Parkinson's hasn't disappeared, I definitely have felt better for taking the exercise. And I wasn't on Parkinson's meds either.

It is an established fact that the human being is most productive in a work situation during the morning hours - because after lunch your body is digesting food and this can lead to sleepiness. Just possibly with the fasting situation your body is not crossing that food-absorption barrier and so isn't hitting the penalty zone. Perhaps exercise is similar - you are busy keeping active and preventing your body going into that penalty zone.
I wonder if the well established fact that the initial stages of fasting or a longer term low carbohydrate diet are associated with feelings of well-being (even mild euphoria) may be relevant?

(I say "well estblished", but I admit that I am many years out of date)
Hi magsb,
This is fascinating - well done for bringing it to light. I didn't see the programme, but I'm quite prepared to believe that we could all manage on a lot less food - if only we had the will! I shall give it a try if my infinitely better-half will permit.

Questions: can the 19 hours criterion be achieved in terms of normal mealtimes, so that, for example, I would eat nothing after lunch (say 13:30) until breakfast (not before 08:30), then have breakfast and lunch within the following 5 hours?
Alternatively, nothing after dinner (19:00) until late lunch after 14:00 and dinner not later than 19:00? And how often per week?

Welcome to the forum and best wishes,
Hi .
I have also been fasting 2 days per week since this program (Horizon) and have managed to reduce my Medication by 30%. It is early days as I have only been doing this for 4 weeks but Have reduced my off time by 40% and am on less medication. So I think there is definately something going on and maybe fasting could be a way of treating Parkinson,s. The item on Horizon showing the re growth of neurons in mice was the most interesting fact to me.
Is any one else exepriencing the same effects.
On a number of occasion's Ive not eaten for a few days, apart from the odd slice a bread or plain biscuit.

The longest period of me fasting was for 6 days. The results have always been the same: Firstly my medication (sinemet) is much more effective. Secondly, after a couple of days of not eating, i experience significant improvements in my parkinson's symptoms, whilst at the same time cutting back on my meds and getting less side effects.

There are a couple of downsides: After 2 days or so, my mood becomes more depressed (food is something that we enjoy) and by day 4 or 5 my body is starting to feel the effects of not eating properly. So i am not recommending anyone goes without eating for 6 days, however for me what this proves is the URGENCY needed to resolve the levadopa/protein/digestive problem.

FACT..... When i eat normally, i take more levadopa, get less relief from my PD symptoms and experience more side effects.

FACT..... When i don't eat normally, i take less levadopa, get more relief and experience less side effects.

Currently there are numerous parkinson's research projects happening across this planet. Yet as far as i can see, only one of them is looking at how to get levadopa from point of intake to the brain more effectively, WITHOUT US HAVING TO RESORT TO NOT EATING.
Hi there, i'm wondering if anyone has experience of sinamet and fasting? my mum is really struggling at the moment, we seem to have got some of her longer term issues sorted but eating ANYTHING is now making the sinamet not work - so she's having to choose between eating and being able to function! not good:frowning: any advice would be appreciated!!
Just stumbled across this posting. I've been fasting for about 8 weeks ( after watching the programme on bbc). I have breakfast then only green tea or water till the next day. The focus of the day is very different when you aren't thinking about food. I'm hoping its doing my brain good. How are others getting on?
Hi CHB5, bit of a late response, only just read your posting. I take sinemet and have been advised to do so 1 hour before eating. Other than that there is advice on the parkinsons website about food and medication. Do you have access to a parkinsons nurse? Hope your mum is doing ok and you too. Best wishes
im not going to eat from tonite to saturday and see wot happins,gotta drink lots water though cus i got a supa pubic catherter and i will get infection.i think you can drink on fasting,if im rong ,well i wont be doing it correct,but food wise i will try.fingers crossed if it works for me,i deffo eat less.i dunna eat much anyway but its always to try and cut some more ant it if it helps with slowing down the pd symtoms:smile::smile:
certainly food for thought!!
Hi Ali j, I fast for one day a week, drink lots of water and green tea, I did my fast yesterday and in a perverse way I quite enjoy doing it! Good luck.
hi valerie,yep keeping hydrated is very important.i had no brekie this morning,it harder than i thought i carnt get me porage out me trying to do things to get me mind off food