Feel I'm drowning in it all

Hi @Sely,

A warm welcome to the forum and I’m glad you have found it useful already.

Please don’t be a stranger, there is a lot of support available to you hear and if you’re looking for any information regarding your condition, you can always the Parkinson’s UK website here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/.

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I’m in Scotland too! I live in Greenock. Unfortunately my much loved husband died on 29th March. He had sepsis in 2018 and any infections took so long to clear. He had one infection too many and it overwhelmed him despite antibiotics.
I am so used to Ian being Focus and my world 24/7 that I am finding it really difficult.
It’s not helped by social distancing as I can’t even hug my family. However I’ll get through this and come out the other side. Stay safe x

Dear Heather, my heart goes out to you and please stay strong and safe. Hope this COVID19 goes away soon so you can get all the hugs you need to help you at this time.
Stay safe
Best wishes
Poppy x


Welcome. You aren’t drowning - you’ve had a tremendous shock and are taking time to absorb that. Once he finds the right drug to ease his symptoms things will get easier for both of you. Exercise is vital (check out PD Warrior site) and also check out your local branch offerings on the exercise front. You may not feel like facing other people yet, but knowing there are organised activities to help you can be reassuring. Yes, you’ll have to make changes as things progress but hopefully it will be a very slow progression. A positive attitude does really help. Good luck along the way.