Feeling confused

I have all the symptoms of Parkinson’s, but after a normal MRI and datscan my neurologist thinks I have Functional neurological disorder, however my uncle who does have Parkinson’s believes I do as well.

So I have been for a week now trying mucana pruriens (L-dopa) natural source of levodopa that my uncle suggested, and it has worked wonders and has really helped me out with my tremors, movement, even my speech improves while it’s in my system.

once it’s gone it’s like the come down from a sugar Rush and everything comes back to normal and hits me hard. I’m just so confused as it shouldn’t be working if I do have FND and not of.
Any one else experience this and had there diagnosis done by a form of levodopa challenge test

Hi. I was diagnosed with PD 14 years ago at age 55. I take stalevo 50 which keeps my symptoms at bay. Post diagnosis I was sent for a Datscan. This was normal and showed no loss of neurons. My diagnosis of R side tremulous PD with loss of right arm swing, REM-sleep Behaviour Disorder and some cogwheel rigidity was not changed but I fell in the group of PD patients classed as SWEDD (Scans without evidence of dopamine deficiency). My symptoms have got no worse. Two years ago, with better equipment and software, my neuro at Queens Square showed me my old Datscan results. I noted that the left side of the scan was a lot less bright than the right side - indicating that, perhaps, the decline of of the neurons is extremely slow so they show as having less activity rather than being absent. My neuro now refers to my condition as benign PD. It may never get any worse. I hope that this helps.