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Hi hubby, couple of things, I’ve previously been on 16mg Neupro for quite some time. During my biannual Neurologist meeting I complained about dyskinesia, which very fortunately is not one of my normal symptoms, and was advised to gradually reduce back to 8mg which helped quite a lot.
Secondly, I also has separate issues with my head. My problems I’m told are or are similar to stress headaches, though from reading Dr Google I would argue far more frequent. At one stage when my meds were largely out of balance due to my specialist retiring and the NHS failing to provide any PD replacement I had such severe problems mainly in the night eliminating any chance of sleep, At 4 am one night I asked my wife to dump me at A&E (as if they would know what to do!!).
After almost 5 yrs of head issues as they are not headaches in the normal sense, my GP and I are finally trying to understand what is causing this. Next week we should be getting more information from my recent CT scan.

I sincerely hope you find respite from your head problems and you can find a Neurologist inwho you trust.




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So many different medications…

My OH has Madopar to get him going first thing, and can top up with an injection of 4 or 5 ml of Apomorphine ( nothing to do with morphine, confusingly, and I don’t see it mentioned on the forum) during the day between the six doses of Stalevo , which helps briefly. Plus 8 mg of Neupro patches.
So much out there and so many options and we are at the mercy of the knowledge of which ever professional we see. Not to mention dosages and different names for the same thing…