Fellow 30+ Sufferers

Hi Girlred (Zoe)
I was diagnosed 7yra ago at age 40. I held off meds for 2yrs and am now on ropinerole (Requip) and Madopar. The thing that helps the most though is exercise - i practice tai chi and run regularly (at least every other day) and feel well most days (and have no sleep problems)i have problems walking indoors (?) but am fine outside. Parkinsons is a very strange condition and affects everyone differently
Hey Guys

Thanks for all your insight. I have finally had my first physio. Wooo Hoooo. A few Pilate moves to be done twice a day as a starter. Seems i need to sort my posture out, so strengthening my trunk. (Dont hear that word used often).
Getting Physio once a week for the next 6 weeks or so.

Just need to sort my sleeping out. but will do some digging on the internet and look at supplements.