there was  Maintenance the other day and today and a few weeks ago.. it's taken the last 2 hrs too reach the website and then more time faffing about just too type this message. the other day when i kept trying too view the website it kept displaying 'we'll be back soon'' or something i pressed back and got in by pressing forward. that was days after the 'maintenance'

I am not the only one too mention it. it fell on deaf ears.

Why not just leave things alone..  we just want too converse with each other, if PUK isn't happy with how the website works, then simply build another.. 



I some times think this site was built by a couple of blokes who had a bit of Tarmac left over on there transit and knocked on the door trying to get rid of it lol

Live well.  Cc

I some times think this site was built by a couple of blokes who had a bit of Tarmac left over on there transit and knocked on the door trying to get rid of it lol

Live well.  Cc

Just don't ask,,,,,,,,,,,,!


And the same just now...  this message

"sorry we are making some changes to our website, be back soon, in the mean time... facebook/twitter".

I know 4 quid isn't much a year too support PUK. i get a magazine when if and when it arrives(the last one was months ago, but i have seen better websites and forums which don't have a vast amount of funding. Running better with more features  I'm sure others think the same even if they dont say or wont say and sometimes they perhaps do , it could be a little better than it is.

Fiddling about with it just causes extra problems.

You may well be right CC!!. cool



Hi sea angler and Cheshire Cat,

Thanks for your messages, we’re sorry that you've been unable to access the forum at these times.

Unfortunately, we had to make some important updates to the site a couple of weeks ago which meant that the site was down during this time. 

We have also been experiencing some intermittent problems with the website recently that has resulted in some further unplanned down time so we weren’t able to warn our users in advance, which we appreciate can be very frustrating. 

We hope these issues are now resolved, and we  are currently working towards the overall improvement of the website which we hope will benefit all users in time. 

If you've got any more questions or concerns, please do feel free to email the digital team at [email protected] 

Best wishes,


Log in:  just now when posting it shot back to the log in page.  I often have to change my password because the system takes a dislike to it.

I can't emphasise enough that these sort of problems rarely afflict other sites.

I was using the control V way of pasting but now that does not work.


Hello, New member Starfish here. sorry  I haven't been in touch before but I,have only recently been online and am something of  an ignoramus when it comes to information technology ,  and  as I'm sure you can appreciate touch--screens can be a challenge for someone with PD. I know that the common cure for cramp is movement, but if I'm totally frozen like a starfish how can I relieve the cramp in the calf muscle of left leg while my, right foot is either twisted round like a corkscrew, or doing what my sister calls "Ballet Toes"?  Bear in mind that I'm probably home alone and lying on my bed, on my back and all four are frozen solid. Hence the name "Starfish!"  Also my mouth may be twisted all the shut or all the way open, preventing verbal communication. Any tips welcome but let's keep it clean please guys!

Sea-Angler, sincere apologies but I wasn't being unsociable, just my usual ignorant self. If an "Ignoramus means being a "dinasaur " means being totally clueless about I.T then I'm a dinasaur wearing a dunces cap!  Apparently ,  when  set my "Starfish"  site up, and promptly locked myself out. But thanks to Tech Support Katrina for,unlocking  my site  I hope to contribute to the Creative Corner myself . If I can raise an actual human being in tech support and persuade them to get rid of whatever evil little entity is blocking  my outgoing emails  I might be able to contribute on a more regular basis ,  and now shorn of the arrogance of youth , beg to be excused inflicting my excoriating "poetry " on you .  Sea-Angler my next post be right up your street by way of apolgy for apparently ignoring your post. Watch this space!

Hi Starfish,

Joanne here from the Digital team at Parkinson's UK. It's good to hear your profile is now unlocked and that you're able to post here now. Not sure if the problems you mention with something blocking your messages is on here or somewhere else, but happy to help if we can!

Let us know if we can help at all, or if you have any questions about the forum.

Best wishes,



Sincere apologies and thanks. I think it was me being a bit paranoid and ham-fisted. Blame too many sleepless nights and too much time "home alone", when my wife is working. Just now I was typing my reply to sea-angler about Madopar ,  along with Stalevoe has been  my medication of first resort, but its dissapeared on me. I was using preview, so can  I get it back or, did I inadvertently post it. Incidentally is there any easy to follow tuotorial on how to post replies. I wanted to tell Sea-angler that I am working on my contribution to the "Creative Corner" but it's more involved than I thought,  I was about 14/15 whe my father and I last went sea fishing, and there was all kinds of bits and pieces that looked like medieval tourture devices . I'm 62 now and my memory isn't what it was. But I woulld like to retain copywright on the off-chance of publication elsewhere. Ta muchly Starfish

Joanne m. Hi, sorry to be such a nuisance and it's probably something that I've done out of  my own ignorance and / or stupidity, but I just can't seem to post or read  my own replies before it chucks me out with a message saying I'm NOT AUTHORIZED" to use this page and if I don't get out quick enough it flashes a big red sign saying "Access Denied ". Earlier this evening  I was in the  middle of editing my first attempt at writing the first verse of "Non-Poetry" (Something inspired by Mike700's excellent post of a few days ago, and my so-called  "Light Bulb " moment when I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. My beach-fishing e. Ipisode which should interest Sea-Angler, an my first attempt  at writing a "None-poetry" poem. If that dosen't make sense blame too many sleepless nights and  too much tim "Home 

Hi Starfish,

I'm sorry that you're still having trouble to use the forum. I was wondering whether you experience the same issues if you try using it from another computer or device. Any information you can give us will help us get to the bottom of why this is happening to you.

I hope we manage to help you resolve it soon.

Best wishes,

​(Moderation team)